The Devils Games

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls..." -Edgar Allen Poe


4. Chapter 2




Harry's POV


I start pacing the room and run my fingers through my hair. The bastard knew exactly how to push my buttons. Not only do I have to worry about my father but now I have to find a gifted girl who I don't even fucking know. She could be anywhere.



If demons had psychic powers, that would be great. We have things called sensus abilities which are similar to psychic powers but aren't. Unfortunately, mine were stripped away from me when I came up here. A form of cruelty and punishment as they like to call it.


Feeling hopeless, I find myself dragging my feet to the nearest liquor store, intentions high on indulging on full intoxication.





Rosaline's POV


I stare out the window as I listen to the soft and hushed whispers carry on their conversations as if I'm not even listening. Hearing something so delicate, you could easily get lost and lose track of time-


"Rosaline?" I'm pulled out of my thoughts at the sudden voice and reel my mind back to reality. I'm met with a pair of dull blue eyes that belong to a woman dressed in a suit, sitting across the room in a metal chair with a notepad in her lap.


"Rosaline, do you know where you are?" I shake my head no and look down at my white v neck shirt and white pajama bottoms and hospital socks clinging to my feet; unaware that I had changed.



"You're in Glen Oak mental institution. Do you remember what happened?"


Again, I shake my head no.


"You had a mental breakdown and became very violent. Your parents sent you here so you could get better," she said softly.




"Do you want to talk about it?"


I decipher whether or not it would be a good thing to tell her what I hear. I mean she already thinks I'm crazy so why not?


"The angels," I start, "they..they talk about their plans and how they must stop the damnable from hell to rise up and bring chaos to all of us. They'll bring the end."


"The end as in the apocalypse?"


"Precisely. They talk about what will come of us and how we'll be doomed if nothing will stop the demons."


She looks down at her notepad and scribbles whatever down. "What else do they say?"


I look out the window and get lost in the mixture of whispers, trying to catch on to what they're saying. When I catch the last part, my heart nearly drops.


"Rosaline? What are you doing?"


I am once again pulled out of my thoughts and look towards the curly haired lady sitting in my room. "I'm sorry, I was just listening."



"What else do they say?"


"They're saying sorry and how we should be scared for them," I say quietly.


"And why is that?"


"Because they're the ones losing this battle."



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