The Devils Games

"The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls..." -Edgar Allen Poe


3. Chapter 1



The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within us - Edgar Allan Poe




Harry's POV



I walk the dark streets alone, hidden in the shadows and unseen by life wandering around my being. I focus my eyes on the ground beneath me making my way to my apartment. Every step I took became slower and slower for there was a dread deep within me that I couldn't ignore. I knew something bad was to come.


It was at times like these where I wish my life could be normal again and not full of psychotic shit happening every second of every day. But I put this all on myself. I knew what I was getting into as soon as I made that deal. I just had to keep reminding myself why I do this day in and day out.


My pace is soon quickened and I'm suddenly in front of my familiar green door I call home. That was when I noticed it was opened and my eyes immediately turned black, ready for anything to come. I slowly made my way inside and crept around.


My senses became more alert when I heard two deep voices erupt in the silence. Voices I was all too familiar with. I silently maneuvered around the corner and my eyes were met with two tall figures dressed in suits with their backs to me.



"Hello Harold," one of them said, back still facing my way.


"Alsius what brings you here?"


The two men both turned around collectively and I'm met with pairs of eyes as dark as mine. The man next to Alsius is taller with black hair and a broader frame. Someone I did not know of.


"Harry you've met Cilbuth haven't you?"


"No, I believe not." I flick my eyes between the two creatures who was as well masked as I was.


"We've received a message from our master that we've been ordered to deliver. And this message is directed to you Harry." Alsius says while walking towards me


"What do I have to do now?"


"There is a girl by the name of Rosaline and you must find her and bring her back to the underworld alive within the next month. If you fail this mission, I get the honors of slitting your throat, throwing you back downstairs and Cilbuth here will take your spot."


"What's so special about this girl?" I ask Alsius who is now standing in front of me.


"She somehow knows of our plans of destruction. She has the ability to hear the angels sing and us scream. She's on to us and the boss isn't very pleased. She needs to be stopped before she stops us."


I snort at the thought of one mere human girl being able to stop a whole army of demons.


"What's in it for me?" I ask with my arms crossed. Alsius just smirks and steps back. Slowly walking over to the giant living room window, Cilbuth follows and opens it up. Aslius then turns to my direction.


"If you wish to free your father then I suggest you do what puppets do and obey your master."





A/N: I really hope the format for this turns out normal because I just wrote this whole chapter on my phone. I hope this is interesting enough for you guys anD YES MY INSPIRATION FOR THIS WAS FROM SUPERNATURAL. PS: I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOING TO BE A LOT LONGER. AM V SORRY.



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