Friends or love

Hannah and jake been friends for a long time . They bought like each other . But they don't know if its a good a idea . Will they go out or not.


5. True love


Hannah pov

We put our stuff in our locker than the bell had rang the school went bye so fast . Because today was earlier day off so I went my house and as we walked home I ask Jake to come over he said yes. When we arrived at my house I grabbed my key  me and Jake walked in my house. We went to my room I turned the TV we stared to talk  . We sat close to each other than we stared to kiss 

then I lifted his shirt than he lifted my shirt  then took of my skirt   I pulled his  pants off .

We kissed then he pulled my bra and under wear off then I pulled his underwear off.

Then he put his  thing in to  me slowly I yelled out a soft moan . Then he went faster and I yelled  Jake . Then my mom arrived home she ran up the stairs . I yelled louder Jake then there was a knock on the door  don't be to loud she said . I forgot she was coming home early we got up and got dressed  . Then he went home . He said text me later as he kissed me on the check then he  walked home he lived next door to me. Then I went in my mom room and she said finally    

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