Friends or love

Hannah and jake been friends for a long time . They bought like each other . But they don't know if its a good a idea . Will they go out or not.


4. True love


Hannah pov

We must of fell a sleep on the movie. I lean in for kiss ,but I fall off the bed  before I get to his mouth. I laugh in get up to get ready to fix  breakfast . Then I call Jake down stairs he runs fast to see what I want I say breakfast is sever. I had cook eggs and bacon , my favorite food it is also Jake favorite food too. We ate then  Jake   walk next door to his house.


Jake pov

I told her the food was good. I unlocked  door and saw my mom still in her room I ran up the stairs

and got dressed. Then I went to my mom room door and told her I getting ready to walk to school. I am sorry I dint come home last night me and Hannah stayed up watching a movie and we fell a sleep. My mom said its ok Hannah mom told me very thing. I blushed a little then walked out the room. I walked outside ,I looked over and  saw Hannah walk out the door. I yelled Hannah wait for me as I closed the door. I walked towards her direction and hugged her then we walked to school. We walked in the school and went to our lockers . On the first day of  school we asked for a locker next to each other.

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