Friends or love

Hannah and jake been friends for a long time . They bought like each other . But they don't know if its a good a idea . Will they go out or not.


3. the birthday party

Jake pov

Hay Hannah I will bring your gift to your 15 birthday party.  I walked in the store after school

 in got her  a card in put 20 dollars in it . I  hope she likes at said.

Hannah pov

As I walked home I  told Carla I think I love josh I stared to like him in 2 grade .  I wonder if he likes me to .  I  opened the door my mom said happy birth to me for the 12 time to today .

Me and Carla ran up stairs to get ready for my party . I curled my hair   put my dress on. Carla curled her to ,on put on her dress on it was to her knees .  Jake knocked on the door I let him in my room .   We sat in talked for a while.  Then my mom said bring down the birthday girl.

Jake pov

She had on a short green dress on that matched her eyes  perfect. We walked down the stairs  and I had her bye arms . She smiled at me and let go to greet everyone . I told  josh that I liked Hannah . He  looked at me and grinned and walked over to Hannah and kissed her on check. Looked at angry  slap him he rubbed his check walk to the punch bowl.  A couple of hours the party was over. me and Jake went  to my room he pick out a movie we sat in the bed. The next Moring I was culled up against him he said morning beautiful. 

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