Friends or love

Hannah and jake been friends for a long time . They bought like each other . But they don't know if its a good a idea . Will they go out or not.


1. my new bff

We were having a get together to meet the new Nabors .The other girls were playing with there Barbie dolls they ask me but I said no. I ran behind the  couch then a boy ran behind the couch .

He said do u want me to move to the other couch I.   No u can stay here with me.

So were are u  from?  I said California it nice up there .   Hay what your name? he said Jake  Jake  long .  He said what's your name  ?  I  said Hannah  Hannah  hall.  He said want to be bff?

I asked how old are u ? He replied 4 and how old are you ? I replied 4 so now were best friend forever.  

Hannah pov

When we  got to middle school I develop a crush on Jake . I sat down next to Jake and our other friends . I stared at Jake for a while then he turned around I looked the other way.

Jake pov 

I knew she was staring at me. I really liked her I dint know if she felt the same about me .

My phone stared to ring I walked out to answers it . My mom said  don't forget to get Hannha a gift for her birthday I wont . Bye mom love you. 





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