FallingPetals's Book of Shamtabulous Prolouges

More often than not, I find that I write prologues better than some of the actual stories. *Eeek* So, I've decided to collect these shamtabulous prologues, and put them in a movella. Hope you enjoy!


1. Info

  -Each chapter will be named after the genre that the prologues fit into, so if you're looking for a specific genre, you'll be able to find it faster. 

  -Each chapter will have between 3-5 prologues, so they may be kind of long, but I promise it'll be worth it.

  -You can use these prologues if you want, just be sure to give me credit.

  -The movella will be updated on Sunday & Wednesday, so you get two genres a week. 

  -I'm open to coauthors, The way I see it, the more the better. 

  -Any prologue like an existing story of movella is a coincidence. 


I'm really excited to start this, I have a bunch of ideas going through my head, and, in the words of Spongebob: "I'm READY"

I'll see you guys soon!

- ❀FallingPetals ❀


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