A complicated Life

Jess Jones has a complicated life but when she loses her memory and has no recollection of her past, her life becomes a whole lot worse. She battles with trust, friendship and a whole lot more. In her new life she begins to learn what having a 'complicated' life really is,


1. Crash!

I wake up to the shrill beeping of my alarm, I look over and sigh when I read the time on my phone. 3:00 am in the morning is way to early to be waking up. But knowing the importance of why I am up at this time I grudgingly hop out of my warm bed. I am immediately overcome with a sudden blast of cold air and resist jumping back into bed and letting sleep whisk me away to the Land of Dreams once again. 

I quickly get dressed trying hard not to wake up the sleeping members of my so called family. I packed my things the night before so all I need to do is grab my bag and go. Once I am ready I sit and wait for his arrival. I still can't believe I am doing this, I've trained loads and am fully prepared but I still can't ignore the butterflies in my stomach when I think of what I am about to do. I just wish he'd hurry up already so I can go before my doubts threaten to consume me. 

As if on cue I suddenly hear a continuous tapping on my bedroom window. It's lucky my bedroom is at the back of the house so when i jump out, wandering neighbors won't see me and nearly have a heart attack. The tapping becomes louder and more impatient and I quickly open up the window and jump out before he wakes the whole house up. 

I jump and am caught in the hands of my true love (I know, soppy right). "Took you long enough, didn't it. Thought you'd forgotten about tonight, was about to jump up there and get ya myself." my wonderful boyfriend Tom announces very seriously, although I can see the hint of a smirk tugging at the edge of his lips. "Good job ya didn't weren't it, nearly woke the whole house up just tapping on my window." I reply, trying to tell him off by wagging my finger at him but it just results in us both laughing. 

He then pulls me into a hug as he slowly leans in to peck my lips, I want it to last but I know it won't 'cos we got to leave. We slowly walk back to the car hand in hand, I open the boot and chuck my bag in whilst Tom opens the back door and jumps in. I go to get in the car and stop still when i see what awaits me. Five boys and one girl are all crammed together in the 5 seater car. Matt is driving of course with his girlfriend Izzy claiming the passenger seat next to him. Then Jake sits in the  middle of  Liam and Tom and down on the floor infront of Liam sits Josh . I raise my eyebrows as to where I am supposed to sit and Tom just pats his lap ushering for me to sit on top of him. Not wanting to waste any more time I reluctantly sit on him. As soon as I shut the door Matt drives off. "Ya know, I woulda assumed you'd take two cars seeming as there are 7 of us" i announce once we're off. "You're wrong there Jess," Josh replies from his position on the floor, " two cars would make it easier for them to track us. This way at least we're all safe together." "Oh" is all I can say. I feel a bit stupid now not realizing that after all this time they wouldn't let us go that easily. There's even a possibility they would find us with the one car we have. 

Halfway through the journey I wake up from my sleep to a loud bang and then the shudder of the car. "What's going on?" I ask to no-one in particular. Matt is the one to answer, " They've bloody found us that's what!" Just as he says that another bang and shudder runs through the car. I look back and see the sleek black car who is responsible for hitting the car. Bang after bang vibrates through the car, every time Matt drives faster trying to get away the car just catches up and knocks us again. Then the shooting begins. Every bang rings through me until all I can hear is ringing. The glass behind my shatters into a million pieces as the gun shots finally get through. Now the shots reach the inside of the car. I know who we are dealing with as soon as the first shot into the car smashes right through Jake's skull and just like that he's gone. I want to cry out and just give up and let them kill me but I know I must be strong, not just for myself but for everyone. I look over at the still body next to me and want to curl up into a ball on Tom's lap when I see the blood spilling out of his wound and staining the black material seats. I start shaking and Tom senses it and holds me closer, I want to say that I am strong enough but I am not. I want him to hold me tighter and I never want him to let me go.

My thoughts are stolen when I see a second black car coming straight towards us at top speed. I panic and suddenly want to just jump in front of it and stop it before any more of my friends die. I shout out but my voice won't let me speak. I can't get the words out, no matter how hard I try. But I'm to late, the car reaches it's target and I'm thrown out of the broken side door by the impact, but not before I watch the death of Izzy take place right before my eyes. Not before I see the look of complete misery sweep over Matt, not before I see both cars loose control and hurtle over the side of the bridge. I am lost for words, for thoughts, for everything. I have lost everything and everyone. I am alone and always will be now. All of my friends are dead, that fact is running through my mind, intoxicating all my thoughts but I will not let it stay. I push it out far into the back of my mind where it will no longer exist because I cannot survive this world with that thought free in my mind. 

A throbbing pain in every nerve in my body brings me back to reality, I remember being thrown out of the car and landing on my arm. Broken, it's definitley broken. I self-assess myself quickly; scrape along the width of my forehead, broken arm, throbbing head, ringing in my ears and I can't speak. At least my legs are fine, but then I realise that it doesn't matter because I will be dead soon. I have just remembered that there were two black cars and only one went over the bridge, which means... well you can work that out for yourself. 



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