can he love me

Okay my name is Gabby and I got a new bf named Dante I'm scared of get hurt but if I do I got five boys to pick me up and if they get mad they may hurt him let's hope not






So today I went to hang out with Dante but the boys told me I have to stay home so i told Dante to come to my place when he knocked at the door Zayn opened it before I had the chance Zayn gave him a cold hard look then said no fans and shut the door I reopened it and invited Dante in he followed me to the siting room where all the boys were fighting over what movie to put in. All the boys turned to me and at the same time said our tie beaker. which means i have to pick the movie.They handed me the movies they were fighting about and i picked Liams which was toy story the guys moaned and sat on the couch I high fived Liam and put in the movie i tuned to see the boys finally saw  Dante I told them he was gay just like me and Dante planed  the boys said hi and Liam said nice to meet you we sat and watch movies all day long then Dante went home.

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