Mage of Memory

“I don't scream as I fall.”

Kicked out of Heaven and sworn to a life of darkness and death, what is a fallen angel supposed to do?
Alexandra Miller has done something horrific and unspeakable, and has therefor been kicked out of Heaven. But the thing is, she can't remember what she did, and there are people out there who are planning to kill her for what she's done. But instead of trying to find out who they are, Alexandra has caught the eye of someone else, and is slowly falling all over again.

What will she do?


3. Murder in the dark

            My scream is abruptly cut off by a gurgle; blood bubbles onto my lips and down my chin.  My vision clouds with black and red spots, leaving me dizzy and unsteady.

            Not a few seconds later, Caleb has me in the passenger seat of his car and is driving off down the road, all the while still holding onto my hand, which I doubt he was going to let go of anytime soon.

            Caleb is giving me nervous looks, like he wants to say something but he can’t bring himself to say it, but he didn’t need to.  He didn’t know what I was, didn’t know what I could do to his mind if I wanted to.  His thoughts spoke loud and clear into my own thoughts.

            She’s getting worse.  Why isn’t this car going faster?!  Oh no, the car… forget about the car!  She’s dying, for pity’s sake!  Her nose is still bleeding… And her mouth.  Oh, her mouth.  Drive!

            His feelings were so intense they started to hurt my head more than it was before.  Soon enough, I was having trouble breathing and I was inhaling blood into my lungs. 

            Caleb’s thoughts were telling me that we were nearing the hospital, meaning I would get help.

            I was becoming oblivious to my wounds and was focusing on breathing.

            But instead of breathing, I was choking. 

            I screamed at Caleb, my eyes bulging, but I wasn’t making any sound.  Caleb was shouting at me, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I could hear him through his thoughts loud and clear.  He knew I was dying.  He knew I was in my last moments.

            And that’s when we pulled up into the car park of the hospital.  I just sat there, not breathing, not moving an inch because if I did, it would send shooting pains through every inch of my body.  Caleb had jumped out of the car as soon as we had pulled up, and now there were people in blue and white suits running towards the car, but instead of seeing anymore of them, I only saw a memory.

            They’re dressed in all white, and they come only to serve punishment to those who have gone against them.  They come closer and closer, until all I see is white.  I start to panic, but then all I feel is peace.  I’m going to die, and I’ve accepted it.  That’s when all goes black.




   I wake up to the sound of beeping and heavy breathing.  There was a small pressure on my hand, and even with my eyes closed, I knew it was Caleb.  Without opening my eyes, I squeezed his hand. 

            He jumped with a start, probably guessing that I wouldn’t wake up.  When he returned the squeeze, my eyes shot open, the sudden light of the room blinding me momentarily.  He slowly leaned forward towards me and was about to say something when a person walked in.

            “Hello, my name is Natalie and I am going to be your nurse throughout your stay here.  We saw your pulse spike, so we presumed you had awoken, so I came just ask you some questions about what happened and also to help make you feel less disorientated or confused about your situation,” Natalie said in a soothing tone whilst studying me and writing down notes.  “First things first though, can you tell me your name?”  She said with questioning eyes.

            All I did was stare at her.  I tried to open my mouth and say something, but I found no sound came out of my lips.  My face turned down in a frown while I tried to concentrate on communicating.  The first idea that came to mind was to speak to her through my mind, and I was just about to when Caleb stepped in.

            “Sorry to interrupt, Natalie, but I don’t think she can talk.  Why don’t you give her a piece of paper and see if she could write down her answers?”  He suggested to her.  To me it seemed silly, why would I bother with paper when I can use my mind?  But then it came to me, humans aren’t used to mind speaking, and it would come as a shock to her.

            Thanks!  I mind-speak to Caleb, and then realize my mistake.  He’s human. 

            Just when I thought I got away with it, he scrunched his face up like he tasted something sour and started to shake his head back and forth.  He looked at me suspiciously and opened his mouth and said, “Did you say something?”

            My eyes wide, I shook my head at him.  He looked like he was going to say more when Natalie pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and handed it to me. 

            “Write your name down please, and your age,” she said to me, giving me a nod of encouragement.

            Should I tell them?  I guess it couldn’t hurt, but they won’t know me for long.  I have to get out of here as soon as I’m fully recovered, so I can get on with my life.  Well, at least what’s left of it.  So with all that in mind, I wrote my name down.

            Alexandra Grace Miller, but call me Alex.

            I pick up the piece of paper up and turn it around, showing it off to Natalie and Caleb.  His eyes widened when he saw my name written there and then he glanced at me, not too subtly studying my body.  I blushed a deep red, which spread from my cheeks down my back.

            Natalie, sensing something going on, stepped in to ask more questions.  “Where are you from?”  She nodded at me and pointed to the paper, prompting me to answer.

            I don’t know, I write down.  Truth is, I know where I’m from, but it’s not something you tell a mere mortal who just happens to ask.  My biggest ally will most likely be my ‘amnesia’, meaning that I can’t answer any serious questions that may lead to an investigation.

            “You sure about that?” She asked me.  I nodded at her, but while keeping my eyes on Caleb.  Natalie sighed but carried on with her questioning, “who and where are your parents?”

            My eyes glazed over as I wrote down two words onto the paper laid in front of me.  I felt Natalie and Caleb lean closer, to get a better look at what I was writing.  I kept my eyes fixed on the wall as I sensed their reactions at my words.  Natalie looked at me with wide eyes then looked down at the page again.  Caleb just stared at me, with a look of horror and sympathy clearing carved into is facial expression.

            They’re dead

            Natalie, quickly recovering her composure, wrote vigorously down on her notepad, and then looked up at me with more queries in her eyes, and not two seconds later was she talking again.

            “How did they die?  How long ago?  How long have you been alone?  Do you have brothers and/or sisters?”  She said without caring about Caleb’s objections to leave it alone, but she didn’t stop there, she kept going.

            “Was it an accident?  Was it a murder?  A suicide?”  She just wasn’t stopping.  Tears had welled up in my eyes, and now they started to fall in little trails down my cheeks.  But it wasn’t what she was saying; it was about what she was going to say.

            “Natalie, stop!  Can’t you see that you’re upsetting her?  Leave the subject alone and move onto something else”, Caleb pleaded with the nurse, reaching to grab her sleeve to pull her back and away from me.  I felt grateful towards Caleb for trying to stop her, but the thing is, you can’t stop a fret train going 200 miles an hour when they’re only a few meters away from the person tied to the tracks.

            I heard what she said before it came out of her mouth, but I put my hands over my ears anyway and shut my eyes closed tightly.  Here it came.

            Even with my eyes closed, I knew she looked at me like a starved Cheetah would look at a freshly killed cantaloupe. 

            “Did you kill them?!” She yelled hysterically, glaring holes into my head.

            I opened my eyes with a quick snap and took my hands off my ears slowly, making sure not to make any sudden movements.  I took up the pen that had dropped onto my bed cover and grabbed the piece of paper up that I had discarded when I had covered my ears and wrote one word.

            Everything that my already ruined life had been supported on was torn out from underneath me, and I had nothing to lean on or stand on.  I was just floating into nothingness.  And there was nothing that I could do about it. 


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