16 year old Macy Richards is the best surfer on her island. Everyone knows her! Surfing is her life. She does it every day! But one summer a new neighbor Taylor Caniff moves in and wants Macy to teach him how to surf but Macy has never taught anyone how to surf. She's scared if she does he'll be as good as her. Will she break out of her shell and teach him?


12. Chapter Twelve

The next thing Macy knew was her mom was shaking her and Taylor to wake up because it was 10 at night and his mom wanted him to come home. The movie was long over and Macy's mom turned it off while they were asleep. Macy sat up stretching and said,"How long did we sleep?" "Um, bout 5 hours." Her mom said. Macy laughed a bit and said,"Lazy day." Taylor got up and Macy followed. She walked him to the door and he stepped out and Macy said,"Bye Taylor. See ya tomorrow." "K. At 6?" He asked. Macy then felt guilty for making him wake up that early so she said,"8 ok?" "Ya!" He said. "K! See ya then!" Macy said. "K" he said and then walked off into the darkness to his house.

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