16 year old Macy Richards is the best surfer on her island. Everyone knows her! Surfing is her life. She does it every day! But one summer a new neighbor Taylor Caniff moves in and wants Macy to teach him how to surf but Macy has never taught anyone how to surf. She's scared if she does he'll be as good as her. Will she break out of her shell and teach him?


16. Chapter Sixteen

Macy's POV

I stormed out of the room. I never want to talk to Taylor again. I hate him. He never even told me about it because if he did I never would've even acknowledged him. I went home with mascara running down my face, a death look on my face, and pain in my eyes. My mom and dad saw me and my mom said,"Honey...what happened." I didn't say anything and went upstairs, got on my swimsuit, grabbed my board and ran to the beach. I sprinted to it and with no hesitation I hit the water and went way out. It was calm where I was so I just sat on my board and sobbed. I watched the black tears fall on my board from the mascara I was wearing. I saw fish swimming under me and some nibbled at my toes. Usually I just laughed but this time I hit the fish and killed it. I didn't care though. I wished that was me. I wanna die right now...my life was so perfect but then it got shattered into pieces...

Taylor's POV

Just like that she left me. Just like that she turned her back on me. Just like that I lost her...I sobbed and sobbed. I knew where she was though. Where she belonged...in the ocean. I wonder what she's doing...is she thinking about me and planning to kiss me? Is she planning to kill me? Is she sobbing? Is she catching some waves? I don't know though. I'm leaving for Magcon on Sunday...the day before school. I wonder if she'll ever have the strength to say goodbye to me...because I don't have the strength to say goodbye to her...

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