16 year old Macy Richards is the best surfer on her island. Everyone knows her! Surfing is her life. She does it every day! But one summer a new neighbor Taylor Caniff moves in and wants Macy to teach him how to surf but Macy has never taught anyone how to surf. She's scared if she does he'll be as good as her. Will she break out of her shell and teach him?


9. Chapter Nine

He was down for a few seconds and Macy was looking in the water yelling,"Taylor??? Taylor!!!!" Then he pooped up but he was yelling and he couldn't move his leg. "Taylor!!! What's wrong???" Macy asked. "Something bit me!!!! Or stung me!!! I don't know!!!" He yelled. Macy gasped. It was the jelly fish. His board string was wrapped around his leg and strapped on his ankle. That's the leg he got stung with too. "Get onto my board!" Macy yelled getting off and letting him get on. "But...then you'll get...stung." Taylor said gasping. "I'm fine now get on." Macy said. Taylor got on and Macy pushed the board. They caught a wave and it brought them to shore. Taylor was yelling in pain.

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