16 year old Macy Richards is the best surfer on her island. Everyone knows her! Surfing is her life. She does it every day! But one summer a new neighbor Taylor Caniff moves in and wants Macy to teach him how to surf but Macy has never taught anyone how to surf. She's scared if she does he'll be as good as her. Will she break out of her shell and teach him?


14. Chapter Fourteen

2 months later

This week was Macy and Taylor's last week of summer and they were bummed but they didn't let that get in the way of surfing. Taylor was now as good of a surfer as Macy but she didn't care anymore. Taylor was her bestfriend and she was Taylor's. It was about 102 degrees outside and they went surfing but without a wetsuit. Macy wore her blue bikini with neon pink dots on it and Taylor wore green swim trunks. They went out to the ocean and surfed and had so much fun like they always have. But they couldn't stay long because Macy had to go school shopping. At about mid-day Taylor and Macy headed back. "Had fun with ya Tay!" Macy said. "You too bubbles!" Taylor said. That's what he always calls her, bubbles. They went their separate ways to their own house.

Taylor's POV

I went home and walked in the door and my mom was standing there beaming like she had just won the lottery or something. I didn't know what was going on so I asked,"Why are you smiling so big?" "Guess what? You ate not gonna believe it!" She said. "What." I asked. "You got into Magcon!!!" She screamed and then hugged me. "W-What?" I gasped tripping back. There were too many emotions at one time in me. I didn't know what to think. "Aren't you happy???" My mom said smiling so big it looked like her face was gonna fall off. I didn't want to disappoint her so I just said,"Y-Ya! I couldn't be more happier." She squealed and gave me a big bear hug. After she hugged me I forced a smile on my face and headed upstairs. I went into my room and for the first time in forever cried and prayed. How can I do Magcon? I don't really want to anymore. I'm gonna have to leave Macy!!! My bestfriend in the whole world! My only friend. I just kept thinking about her. How am I gonna tell her? That I'm gonna leave her forever to go tour the world and make stupid 6 second videos?! I just don't know how.

Normal POV

Taylor got himself together and started listening to music. Gospel music. That would always calm him down. Then he heard a knock at his bedroom door. He went to open it and when he opened it he felt sick. It was Macy. He ran to his bathroom and puked everywhere. He couldn't take it. She ran to him and said,"Oh my gosh!!! Are you ok???" "Ya I'm fine...I think it was something I ate." He lied. "Oh. Do you wanna stay here or go to my house?" She asked. "Let's just stay here." He said. "Kk." She beamed. This was too much for Taylor...

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