16 year old Macy Richards is the best surfer on her island. Everyone knows her! Surfing is her life. She does it every day! But one summer a new neighbor Taylor Caniff moves in and wants Macy to teach him how to surf but Macy has never taught anyone how to surf. She's scared if she does he'll be as good as her. Will she break out of her shell and teach him?


5. Chapter Five

She looked at the time on her phone. It was 5:58am. Taylor should be coming in 2 minutes. She grabbed his board down. She was feeling nice today so she got his board ready smoothing it and replacing a broken wing. At 6 he came in. "Hey." She said. "Hi." He said quietly. He was in a wet suit and she said,"Wow. You're more prepared then I thought you'd be. Macy said. "Thanks." He said. "Ok so here's your board. I just replaced the wings so it should be good to go. But we're not gonna surf right now. You need some training. A lot of training. Especially you since you lived in Tennessee." Macy said. Taylor nodded his head. "C'mon let's head to the beach." Macy said.


They got to the beach and Taylor said,"So what's our first training exercise?" "Getting over the fear of the ocean." Macy said. "But I'm not afraid." Taylor said. "Not yet." Macy said. They got to the sand and the cold water was hitting their feet. Taylor looked at Macy and she said,"Go ahead. You said you're not scared. Go out until you can't reach." "N-Now?" Taylor asked. "Duh!" Macy said. He started to slowly walk in and then Macy said,"Oh by the way, sharks like cold morning water so be careful!" Taylor tried to act like he didn't care but Macy could see that he was terrified. He got to his waist and started to get scared. "Macy can I get out now?" He yelled to her over the waves. "No! You said you're not scared!" Macy yelled back. "Will you at least come in with me?" He asked. Macy sighed and rolled her eyes but then ran in and dove under a big wave and disappeared under the waves. "Macy? Macy??? Where are you?!" Taylor yelled starting to get a little scared. Then she popped up in front of him and screamed,"BOO!!!" And then he fell into the water. She was laughing so hard. "Ya ya. Very funny." He said angrily. "C'mon! It was just a joke." Macy said. He splashed her and then she said,"Oh it's on." And went under the water. She could hold her breath for 2 and a half minutes so she swam around Taylor and then popped up and pushed him down. After about an hour of this they decided to get to work.

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