One Direction Imagines!

One direction imagines ! Comment name and boy!


2. Alexandria

~Alexandria's POV~

"Harry!" I called.

"Yes honey?" Harry replied.

I was so nervous to tell Harry or how he may react. He came running in the bathroom looking into my eyes.

I started to tear up.

"What's the matter?" His eyes filling with concern.

"I-I'm pregnant." I started crying.

He came over and hugged me.

"Shh it's okay love. Everything will be okay"

"I'm only 19. I'm too young for kids." I cried even harder.

"Everything will be okay love"

"Harry, I love you" I said looking up at him

"I love you too Alexandria"

------------- Later That Day-------------

~Alexandria's POV~

Harry has been gone for a while I started to get a little worried . I will try to call him. He didn't answer. Then all of a sudden he came through the door and he had a small box.

"Alexandra" Harry said smiling.

"Yes?" You asked Harry a little nervous.

" I love you so much and I will until the day I die, will you marry me?" Harry asked looking into my blue eyes.

"Yes!" I replied. Never have I been so happy in my life!

The two of you go married and had a beautiful little girl and named her Darcy!

The end!

Sorry it kind of sucks! It is my first fanfic !

For Alexandria!

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