Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


8. The Dinner


I got ready wearing a nice dress and was waiting for mom's guest to come. I wondered who all are going to come. I was sitting in the living room while my mom was setting food and dad was just watching match.

"Mom, when are they going to come?" I asks impatiently .

"Just in a minute or two!" she said from the kitchen. 

Soon the door bell rang and I went there before setting my dress and hair and opened the door. There was a lady and probably her husband. 

"Hello darling , you maybe Anushka , right ? " she asked. I nodded my head and let them come in. I was going to close the door when someone put the leg in between. I opened the door revealing Niall outside my door. 

"OH! this is my son Niall! " The lady said. We both were looking surprised at each other when Niall smirked at me. " can i come in?" he asked innocently but was smirking at me.

I opened the door for him and let him come in. Why the fuck only Niall has to be the son of my mom's friend! I thought.  They all started talking while I was just silent in shock probably.

"Now! Let's have some dinner!" my mom said happily. I helped my mom to put dishes and went to my seat and sat down. All were now sitting and eating. Niall purposely sat beside my chair.

We all were talking and eating. I found Niall's parents were very nice to get along. When niall kept his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. I looked at him and gave him death glares while he just smirked at me.

"You both know each other well?" ms.Horan said. I was going to tell no but Niall interrupted me and said "yes we are friends and we have the same class, right?" he said and pinched my thigh.

" Yea" I lied. 

We all had finished th dinner and were now in living room . Mom and dad were busy talking to them while niall and I were watching television . 

"Anushka, can we go to your room?'" Niall asked.

Oh no! i was not going room alone with him.

"um.. no let's just watch something" I said ignoring me.

"Anushka, he is your friend! go and show him your room" my mother said

Thanks mom! I said in my ming and went to my room with Niall following behind me. We reached to the room when i opened the door and went inside. 

Niall locked the door and pushed me to the wall. 

"Never thought i would meet you here!" he said 

I was so scared that I didn't told anything. 

He started leaning in and pressed his lips to mine. His lips were soft and was forcefully kissing me. He was kissing me hungrily. He placed my hands above my head and started tracing his hands down my body giving me shivers. I didn't kissed him back.

He brought his hand to my hips and squeezed it. I let out a yelp and kissed him back. He groaned in the kiss."You are so fucking great" he said between the kisses. 

"Niall come down we are leaving" Ms Horan yelled from downstairs. Niall unwillingly broke the kiss as I was trying to get some air to breathe. " Meet you soon princess" he said and went down leaving me standing at the door.

I heard the door closing and they left. The whole time I was thinking about the kiss. I touched my lips remembering his hungry lips on mine. I changed to my night dress and fall on my bed. It was so big day! I thought.

Did I liked the kiss? No I didn't I thought. Ugh!! Anushka leave that thought for him you are just another slut! But why did I felt butterflies in my stomach? I just shrugged it off and went to sleep only thinking about the kiss in my dreams.


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