Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


5. One Direction


"Anushka get up! you have to go to collect your schedule!" my mom yelled from downstairs.

I groaned and unwillingly got out of the bed and headed toward my closet.Today I had to go and collect my schedule of my college.I put on some high waisted shorts and a pink tank top.I put on my earrings and necklace and headed downstairs.

"Good Morning mum and dad!" I greeted them. 

"Good morning darling!"

Mom had made some bacons! I ate my bacons and left to get my schedule.I thought I should go walking instead of driving,s I'll get to know the streets proper. The college was very far! I should have brought my car. I went inside and saw a lady sitting at the counter.

"Hello! I am new here and I have come to get my schedule" I said. "Name?"she said directly. Rude! "Anushka Collins" I said. she gave me my schedule and I  went ahead. 

"Anushka!" a boy yelled from behind who was now running towards me. 

"Are you Anushka?" he asked catching his breath. "Yea.." i said."you forgot your i-card" 

"Oh! thanks..." i said taking my i-card from him.

"Evan Smith" he said.

I nodded my head and turned to go but he stopped me again. "See you tomorrow at college!" he said and winked at me. I smiled and went ahead. 

As I was going I thought that someone was staring me.I started walking faster.The whole street was now empty.When someone pulled my wrist and banged me at the side wall. I looked who it was and it was the same boy of yesterday.His blue eyes staring deep at mine,lust in his eyes. He had a smirk on his face.

I was struggling to get free from his grip but he tightened his grip on me. He took my both wrists and placed it above my head and brought his body close to mine. He seemed amused seeing me struggling to get out of his grip that was of no use because he had caught me tightly.

He stare my body up and down, at the position I was. He started licking his lips while his eyes were strongly gazed at my body.

"so you are new here, huh?" he asked me with his smirk still plastered on his face. I just wanted to punch his smirk off his face. 

"What's your name princess?" he asked bringing his face close to mine.I didn't answered and looked somewhere else avoiding his gaze. 

"I asked you something!"he said now getting little angry. I didn't care! 

"It's none of your business" i said harshly. 

"Feisty, I like it!" he said. He brought his hand low to my thighs and started rubbing it and slowly upwards. " Okay, my name is Nicole !" I lied  quickly not wanting him to go further.

"Don't tell lie to me ! " he said with gritted teeth and started holding my wrists tightly.

"Anushka!" I said and whimpered in pain. He released his strong grip on my wrists but still held them. "See,was that hard " he said.

He brought his face to my ear and whispered "My name is Niall,and I think that you don't know about me. So let me tell you I'm in a killer gang and all my mates that you saw them yesterday.I am the leader of the gang and a boxer too. We are One Direction. And could call me a bad boy.." 

"Niall, where are you?" his mate was yelling. He brought my wrists down and gave a quick kiss on my cheek and went.I stood there shocked as hell wondering the fuck was going on? My wrists were turning blue, how strongly did that jerk holder my wrists !

I picked my things from the ground and went home.

No one was in there, mum and dad would have gone to work and mason to school. So I was alone at home. I went to my room thinking that whatever Niall had said was true? One direction? All the thoughts were roaming in my head. But Niall and his mate seemed like they were in a gang.

I stopped thinking and went to my laptop and did a Skype call with my friends and the whole day went like that only. I was just wishing that my first day of college should go nice.

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