Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


4. Ireland


We reached at Ireland finally and went to the car that was booked for us.I was curious how our house would be, neighbours, all the things were roaming in my head.

"I hope you all would like this house." my dad  said.

"when would we reach mom?" Mason said.

"It had been hardly five minutes Mason and you are asking this tenth time!" my mom said irritated of him. soon we reached our house and we all went to see it.

Mason and I  started running to the house.It was a large house.Our both faces were in shock looking at the house."How is it?" my dad asked. "Its.. Brilliant!" Mason said. "lets go inside and see" My mom said.

We went inside and saw it was more big from outside.I went upwards to the stairs and saw a beautiful room. I ran downstairs seeing my mom and dad setting their suitcase. "Is that room upstairs mine?" I said quickly.

"Yes" my mom and dad said in unison happy that I liked the house as well as the room.I went upstairs to my room and set all my things. At the wall I put my photo frame of my all friends that was gifted me by  them. I put some band wallpapers.My whole room was set.It looked pretty than my old one.

I was feeling tired so i called my friends and after a little while I slept on my comfortable bed.

I woke up and it was 5:00 pm .Wow! I slept that late. I went downstairs seeing Mason playing games as usual and mom and dad sitting at the living room and talking to each other.

"You didn't went to work?" I asked coming downstairs. "First day was our holiday, so we decided that we should go out today" my mom said happily.

"Both of you get ready we are going out today!" My dad said.I was in mo mood to go out today but I can't stay alone too.

We got ready and went out .we enjoyed so much but in between Mason started feeling sick.We returned at home and were  checking if Mason was alright. 

"Anushka, can you go and bring some medicine from the shop?" my mom asked.

"Um..yea. ok" i said. 

The shop was in our neighbourhood so I took my jacket and purse and went out to take medicines.

I took the medicines and was heading to my house when A group of boys were going.Their bodies were filled with tattoos and all of them had hard body. As I was going I could see all of them staring me up and down. The person who was in the middle having blonde hair and blue eyes winked at me. I was about to say something but Mason was more important.

So I just gave him a death glare and went further. 

"Have you brought the medicine ?" my dad asked. "Yea !" I said and gave to him. It was getting late so I went to my bedroom and slept as I laid on my bed directly.

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