Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


7. Invitation


It was the last class before the lunch. Brook was not in my class so I went alone and sat at a bench at the back. soon people started coming in. Soon the teacher came in the class and started teaching. Niall and his mates late as usual came into the class. Niall saw me and winked at me going back with his friends.

"Today we'll see a video of chemistry" Our sir told. All the lights of the class were turned off and the room was filled with darkness. The only light was the video screen. I heard some noise coming from back and then beside my seat. Someone has sat beside my seat.

"Hey there!" the person who was sitting beside me whispered in my ear. I was thinking that I had heard this voice before but I can't figure it out. "Um.. hi" I said still thinking.

"Don't worry, this sir is going to doze off in five seconds!" the boy chuckled and said.

"No way!" I said chuckling. 

We both were now staring at the teacher with full of attention. His eyes were going down. Then  as five seconds were over he dozed off.

"Told yah !' he whispered laughing.

His laugh was so cute I thought. " Thanks" he said.

"oh! did i told that loud? " i said now embarrassed.

"yea!' he said. 

"Well , i think i've heard your voice somewhere , what's your name?" I said.

He was silent for sometime and the bell rang that woke up the teacher. Everyone groaned as they were enjoying this session. The lights were turned on and i saw the person who was sitting beside me, that didn't made me happy.

Niall was sitting there with his famous smirk looking at my reaction. "You!" I said angrily. I was now really fed up of him. I took my bag and was going out when I saw brook outside of the class waiting for me. 

We went to the lunch room and Brook introduced me to her friends.There were Perrie, Eleanor, Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael. I introduced my self to them . We pretty liked each other. I sat with them talking about many things and ourselves.  They were really nice people.

~~~~~After the school~~~~~

I needed some food for my house as nothing was there for me to eat. I went to the shop and was buying all the food stuffs I liked in the basket. Now I only have to take chocolates! I thought. I went to the stock and put the chocolates in my basket. I was chocohorlic! I was searching for more when I saw a brown hair boy which i thought i know him.

He was in Niall's gang and his name is Lewis, no Louis! I began thinking. I quickly went to the cash register and paid the bill. I was quickly moving out of the door thinking that he hadn't noticed me but i'm always too late.

"Anushka!!" Louis yelled at his top of his lungs. I looked behind seeing that everyone was looking at me and him like we were sycho. Thanks louis. "I need to talk to you!" he said and started running towards me and pushed me to exit and in his car. He started driving while I was yelling at him.

"Where are you taking me Louis?" I was yelling. he stooped the car and looked at me.

"look Anushka, Niall has some anger issues.When he is angry he doesn't know what he is yelling"louis said. I looked at him and hooded my head. "Now you brought me here, then you would drop me to my house" I said folding my hands.

"Yes Madam!" He said and started driving me to my house. All the way to the house he cracked so many jokes and we were laughing all the way back there that I forgot I was talking to a gang member. He was totally different from Niall i thought.

He dropped me at my house. "Louis, for such a small thing you took me there?" i asked him confused."Its my style!" he said proud of himself.

"Ah, and give your number so we can stay in contact" he said. I gave him my number and went inside seeing my mom and dad inside.

" How you came so early today!" i asked.

"well today was half working day" my mom said. I nooded and was going upstairs but mom called me.

"Tomorrow my friend and her family are coming, we've invited them for the dinner. So wear something nice tomorrow!" she said. well mom made a friend too. 

"Whats her name and who all are coming?" I asked curiously. But she was busy talking with dad so I shrugged off and went to my room.

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