Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


3. Introduction

Hi! My name is Anushka collins. My parents earn a lot of money, so yea you could tell me I am a rich girl. My mom and dad work day and night that obviously means that they don't give me a lot of time so most of the time I stay alone in my house. My little brother Mason is 10 years old and is in boarding school. We get to meet each other at weekends sometimes.

I have many good friends in london, but I have to leave to Ireland because of my mom and dad's business. I have very bad past that I have moved on so i am very scared of moving into an unknown place.I doubt if I would make some friends, but I'll try my best.

Well i'm 18 years old and I am a very confident girl.It's just hard how will i do in ireland! 

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