Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


6. First day


I quickly got ready for my first day of college.I was kinda excited and nervous too. I was just worried whether I'll make some friends or not, how the teachers would be, lets just say I was very scared to start my college. Lat time my experience in london was not that good. I don't wanna think about that moments that would make me more sad and nervous.

I went downstairs seeing no one there.I was all alone. I took an apple and started eating it when my phone began to ring. I went there and saw it was mom.

"Hello sunshine!" my mom greeted me cheerfully.

"Hi mom!"I said.

"Are you ready for your college or you are still sleeping your arse off" my mother joked.

"Mom!, I am ready and eating my breakfast!" I said.

"I know darling.. I called you to wish best of luck for your first day of college, and enjoy, and don't be scared , every teenager is nervous at their first day!" my mom said.

"Thanks mom. I'll keep it in mind" I said.

"I gotta go, bye! love you" 

"Bye mom, love you too!" 

I took my bag and went to my car and drive the way to the college. soon i reached college and parked my car. Everyone was seeing my car at wow. Never seen a girl driving luxurious car, huh?

I entered the college seeing everyone staring at me like I'm an alien! Dude you are making me feel insecure!!

I went to my locker and began keeping things ,  when someone tapped at my shoulder. I turned around seeing a girl  same hight as me but a little shorter and had brunette hair and was smiling brightly at me.

"Hey, you are a new girl here , right?" she asked.

"Um..yea" I said.

"My name is Brook!" she said and extended her hand to shake.

"Anushka!" i said gladly accepting her hand to shake.

"so what classes you have?" she asked.

I took my schedule and handed it to her. "Cool ! we have the same classes except some" she said looking happy. 

"Hey there's a lot of time for the class to start, till that time I should help you to show the college, if it's okay for you?" she said.

"Yea, that would be great!" i said.

She showed me the whole college .She is so much talkative! She showed me all the nerds, jocks,football players, cheerleaders and all. she told me whom to trust and whom to not. Then she started talking about Niall. I froze on my place. Hearing his name I become still.

"Niall is  very dangerous , I warn you to just stay away from him. He is the bad boy of the college. Everyone are scared d of him and his gang 'One Direction!. There are Harry , louis , liam ,zayn, and their leader Niall."

I just stayed silent.If only you knew what had happened to me yesterday! "They sleep with girls and the next day they are gone!" she said. I thought hard was it true?

She then told me about Katie the cheerleader captain and probably 'The queen bee' of the college. I laughed how Brook was telling about her nuisance.She had two tails Pia and Lucie. They three would bully the nerds. Katie had slept with half of the school boys and was now dating Niall. What a slut! Not like I was jealous or something! She told she would introduce her friends at lunch.

Soon the bell rang and it was the time to head to the class.

"I don't wanna go anushka!" she whined like a child.

"c'mon lets go !"i said  laughing at her.

Our first class was maths. We reached to the class when I remember that I had not brought my maths book. "Omg! I forgot to bring my maths book, Brook you go and book a seat for me beside you!" I said and went towards my locker.

"come back fast!" she yelled.

I started running to my locker because I didn't wanted detention on my first day! I took my book and was going to my class running when I bumped to a hard body and fall  down on my butt HARD. 

"Sorry!" I said to the guy who was standing and looking down at me. I couldn't see him. I took my things and standed up when that guy went ahead without even helping me ! I took my bag and turned around to see Niall leaning on the wall, smirking and looking at me. 

I quickly went to my class without looking at Niall. From every person ,I have to only  bump Niall!!?


I was coming late as usual to the college when someone bumped at me and fell  down . I looked to see who it was. It was Anushka. The girl i'm stalking for two days! She looked so beautiful.I went ahead without helping her and started looking at her and chuckled in my mind. 

She saw me looking at her and ran away scared. that's good. Everyone are scared of me. They should know who is the boss here.

I want her and I get everything that I want! I smirked and went to the class.



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