Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


9. Break up

Anushka's pov

I woke up and all the memories from yesterday flashed back on my mind. Why am I thinking so much! For him i am just another target to get under my pants and leave me heartbroken as Brook told. I  have to stop these thoughts.

I got ready for my college wearing shorts and a black top saying ' I am sexy and I know it'. Lol! I quickly entered the college seeing a large crowd gathered in the hall. I was going to see what matter was going on but "Anushka!" Brook yelled.

I  turned around to see all of them standing there. "Hey!" we greeted each other.  "What is going on there?" I asked. They made some faces and finally answered me.

"Niall broke up with katie, as usual and she is making a big fuss about it" petrie said sighing.

" I think he found a new toy to play with or he is tired of her!" Eleanor laughed when everybody joined in. I remained silent that whatever Brook told me was true. I am stupid thinking about that Niall is good.

Niall's pov

Her lips on mine were perfect. It was strange that I felt knots in my stomach when I kissed her. That doesn't happen when I kissed so many girls or snogged them. But there's a feeling that she would never love me as much as I do. ​Wait a minute! Did I said love? No Niall you only use girls for pleasure, love is nothing but will destroy you! My inner voice echoed in my mind.

I thought about it entering the college. She lives in bright while I live in Dark. I have snogged so many girls and have killed many people. There is no chance-

"Hi Niall!" I looked up to see Katie standing there with her hands wrapped on my shoulder. "Do you want me to come today at your house?" she said seductively. "No need" I said simply and removed her hands from my shoulders and moved ahead ignoring her.

I saw my friends approaching me. "Hey Niall!" Louis yelled. "Would you maintain your voice?" Zayn said. Everyone chuckled when Katie came ahead of me again. Ugh! I am so tired of her!

"Niall why are you ignoring me?" katie said in straight face. 

"I want to break up" I said simply without any emotion but I think she would not take that simply. She started crying and screaming whatever bull shit she was talking to me. I looked around not trying to concentrate on her crocodile tear's as she only wanted me for her reputation and me for her, But now its over.

When my eyes came contact to Anushka. She was talking with her friends but was looking quite upset. I wonder what happened to her. I pushed Katie aside and went to my class where I could meet her.

Anushka's pov

I went with Brook for our next class telling her all the events that occurred yesterday but didn't told about my feelings for the kiss. She would probably kill me to have feelings for him. At the end of my story she was completely in shock.

"Anushka, I don't understand what the fuck is going on with you two, but We would figure it out one way or another" she said. I laughed and went inside and sat at our regular place. When all the boys came in and smiled at me goofily. I ignored them and looked ahead when Niall came passing by. 

Brook holder my hand telling me that nothing would happen. "I have a spare seat beside me,come and sit-" 

"No need I am comfortable here." i said avoiding his gaze and looking ahead. I know he was trying to hold his anger. Brook noticed it too and squeezed my hand. 

"come and sit with me" Niall ordered with anger in his voice. The whole class was looking at us. "I said I didn't want to" I said trying to hold my confidence but was failing.

The teacher entered in and everyone were distracted from us and started listening to the teacher but Niall was still standing beside me with his face full of anger. "Niall leave , the teacher had come" I whispered to him .

"Not till you come and sit with me." He said through his gritted teeth and took hold of my wrist tightly and started taking me to the last seat in the very far corner where no one can see us. He pushed me inside harshly and sat. I sat in my seat scooting away from him.

He started coming near to me till I was sticked to the wall. He brought his hand to my waist and picked me up and made me sit on his lap. I tried to move but his grip was tight on my waist. I sat on his lap when his hand started rubbing my thighs. 

"Did I told you I like your top." He whispered in my ear giving me goosebumps over my body. Heat rises in my cheeks. I know I shouldn't blush but I can't help it. He leaned again and whispered "But I would like it more if I tear it off your body" I jerked my head up and gasped. He chuckled.

He rested his chin on my shoulder and  made his hand roam inside my shirt to my stomach and started exploring my body. This is not right I thought. When His hand came to my breast the class ended. I quickly jerked from his lap and ran to Brook outside the class.

"are you alright?' She asked . I nodded my head and went ahead. I looked behind to see Niall smirking at me and winked at me. I turned my head rolling my eyes and started focusing on what Brook was telling.

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