Bad Boy Horan

You Sometimes Think That You Want To Disappear.
But All You Want Is To Be FOUND.
"Don't Worry I'll Stay In The DARK
Where I Belong....."


12. A New Friend

Anushka Pov.

Luke and I reached the college and were going to enter it when he stopped me at the entry gate. "What happen?" I asked him confused. "Anushka, if there is a problem you know that you can share to me." he said looking at me firmly. I could have told him but Brook have once told me that Luke is not a person to keep secrets with. I don't want bullying starts here too I thought.

"No luke, if there was problem I would have told you, anyways thank you." I lied. He nodded his head satisfied of my lie.

I reached inside to see the bell had rung and all of my friends had went to their classes. I went to my first class that was maths! How I loved maths! Note the sarcasm. I entered the class seeing brook waiting for me as I went and sat beside her.

It was now lunch and still neither niall nor his friends cam. They do not come so late to the college, so why today? Forget it Anu, why are you caring so much?

~~~~~~end of the day~~~~~~~

I was roaming at the streets, today the park was closed. I just wanted to come to take a fresh air after studying alone for hours alone in my house! I went through streets when I noticed a place filled with plenty of trees.

I entered in to explore what place is this. There was a little way betwen all the bushes and trees and the greenery. It was very peaceful there, the only sound anyone could hear was the sound of the birds was so beautiful that anyone could forget their worries and enjoy here.

I went further to see a boy leaning to the tree sitting down and reading a book. I was going to turn and walk away when I saw a little bit closer and came to know who it was.

"Liam?" I asked to the boy in front of me.

"H-how did you came here?" Liam asked looking puzzled. His expressions were like I was holding a gun in front of him!  I laughed and told "I was just passing through and I came in here when I saw it" He nodded his head. "can I join you?" I asked him. He thought for a second but then nodded and smiled at me.

I went and sat beside him leaning to the next tree. "so you come here always or sometimes?" I asked him looking at the surrounding.

"I always come here whenever I have free time." he said blushing  closing his book and turning towards to me.

"Aww! that's so nice." I said.

"you know that we are in a gang right?" he asked me as we both were looking to the beautiful trees around us.

"Yea..Liam you all should really stop this." I said to him

He looked down to his hands and said " You'll soon know it Nicole why we do this" he said. His words not going in my head.

After two minutes of silence I said "Its so beautiful here Liam".

"I know. You are the first person who came here after me. This place is very rare, no one knows it , not even Niall or anyone" he said.

"I will also not tell anyone. I don't want overcrowding here!" I said as we both started laughing. We both were silently looking to a bird who was making its nest and was feeding her chicks.

" Its just so peaceful here, I wish I could stay here forever, away from all the cities and problems" I said. " you know Anushka you are different." liam said. I looked at him confused. " All the other people think that we are in a gang so  we are negative people" he said. "Its because they don't know you personally Liam! I know how you all are!" I said truthfully. They don't know about them.

He nodded smiling at me. We talked so much and laughed and cracked so many jokes with each other. Soon it was late. Time went so fast!

"Liam its very late we should probably go now" I said. "yes" he agreed. His phone started to beep faster and faster. "um.. yea we should go!" he said impatiently. We exit from the forest and I was about to leave when I remember "Liam why didn't you came today?" I asked. "Oh we had some work today!" he said rubbing his back. I nodded suspiciously but then decided to go.

"Wait Anushka!" liam said hurriedly.

I turned "Yes?"

"Friends?" Liam said forwarding his hand for me. I smiled to him and shook his hand.



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