Lilli Skywalker - So I'm a Jedi...

Lilli Skywalker: Hannah WandArrow
Lilli Wilson never fit in on Earth. She has a terrible adoptive family, and no one seems to understand her. When a boy claiming to be her brother, Luke Skywalker, shows up, she takes the chance to train to be a Jedi.
Now Lilli Skywalker, she must help her siblings find the remaining Jedi and train them. Some including a sarcastic (yet extremely cute) outlaw, Leia herself, and Han's ex-girlfriend.

(In this Movella we made up some back-stories for the characters that aren't really canon)
The picture isn't ours, we got it from this website-
(Andromeda- Brianna WandArrow) (Ciara- Ensign Pavel Chekov)


39. Of Whom Should I Follow

Ciara's Point of View


My orders were simple, yet I didn't know how to carry them out. Supreme Leader was right I thought I am weak, Love has blinded me. I closed my eyes and leant against the wall in the shared room. Looking around I thought to myself that I needed to get a room of my own. I didn't want to be around people anymore, except Luke. I trusted him, I I loved him. I sighed a pushed myself to me feet and made my way to the training room, where Luke was bound to be, ignoring the Medic's orders. 

I shook my head and grinned slightly when I saw him in the training room. "You should be resting." I told him making my way over to where he was

"But…" He started to complain before stoping and sighing "Fine" He relented "But you're coming with me." 

I chuckled and took his hand in mine as we exited the training room. I grinned slightly when Luke turned and kissed me "I'm never going to get tired of being able to kiss you" He mumbled against my lips. I grinned even more and kissed him back, 
"Ni kar'taylir gar darasuum." I murmured in my native tongue of Mando'a 

Luke chuckled and broke the kiss. "What does that mean?" He asked curious, now pulling me down the hallway towards his room.

"It's Mando'a for I love you." I replied 
Luke turned to me shocked. I could tell that he didn't know how to respond. I shook my head and kissed him again. "I love you Luke Skywalker, I love you."  


The next three hours were a blur, between stolen kisses, and other things, I knew that I was going to follow my heart. I loved Luke, and I couldn't lose him, so that's why I had to leave. I pried myself from his arms, and stood from the bed leaving his sleeping form behind. I jotted down a note explaining why I was going. I made my way back to the bed and kissed him on the forehead. I pulled his robe around me and left his room. 



I watched from my own ship that I had brought along when I arrived here, the academy disappearing from the horizon. I felt a lone tear slip down my face as I left my new life behind. As I left Luke behind. As I exited the the atmosphere, I punched in the hyperspace co-ordinates. And as the blue streaks formed around me, I left the person I loved the most behind. 


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