Lilli Skywalker - So I'm a Jedi...

Lilli Skywalker: Hannah WandArrow
Lilli Wilson never fit in on Earth. She has a terrible adoptive family, and no one seems to understand her. When a boy claiming to be her brother, Luke Skywalker, shows up, she takes the chance to train to be a Jedi.
Now Lilli Skywalker, she must help her siblings find the remaining Jedi and train them. Some including a sarcastic (yet extremely cute) outlaw, Leia herself, and Han's ex-girlfriend.

(In this Movella we made up some back-stories for the characters that aren't really canon)
The picture isn't ours, we got it from this website-
(Andromeda- Brianna WandArrow) (Ciara- Ensign Pavel Chekov)


2. Meet the "Family"

  I was jolted awake. I sat up straight, I must've fallen asleep against the window. Luke steered the ship towards a yellow-orange planet. He told me it was Tatooine, and that's where his friends were and the new Jedi training base. We entered the atmosphere and I saw expanses of sand and desert.

  After flying above the desert for a while, we stopped in a city. We were parked in front of a new looking building. All around I could see strange creatures or humans in odd clothing.

  A girl ran out of the building, in a sleeveless white dress that fell to her knees. It was belted at the waist, and a gun was stuck into the belt. Her dark brown hair was exactly the same color as mine, and she had it in a braided bun on the back of her head. She looked around Luke's age.

  "Luke! Did you find her?" She called, just as a gold figure the size of a human left behind her. It moved stiffly, like a robot, and I guessed it was a droid.

  "Yeah, this is her." Luke called back as he opened the roof of the ship and we climbed out. The girl smiled and rushed forwards. She hugged me tightly. I just stood there awkwardly.

 "Oh, sorry. I'm Leia. Luke's told you about me right? I'm your sister." Oh, so that's why we look alike.

  "I'm Lilli. Nice to meet you." I said politely.

   "Come in, we should get you settled. Luke can get your things." Leia pulled me in, and the gold thing followed. I was walked next to it as Leia strode ahead of us.

  "So you're a....droid?" I asked.

  "Yes. I'm C-3PO. Call me threepio. I'm a translation droid. Oh, there's R2-D2 now. Call him artoo." Threepio gestured towards a shorter blue and white droid. It had an oval shapes body with a flat bottom, and two "arms" that stretched from the top of the oval to the ground, acting as wheels.

   It made a series of beeping sounds and threepio turned to me. "He says he's glad they found a Jedi to train, because it's been getting so boring around here."

  "Here we are." Leia spoke as we turned the corner towards an elevator. We all stepped in. The elevator shot up and I stumbled, causing some beeps from R2 that sounded annoyingly like a laugh.

  "Since you're technically part of our family, you can stay on the top floor with us. All the other Jedi will stay on the middle floors, and the bottom floors are for training." Leah smiled at me as the elevator stopped. She seemed nice, but I didn't really know her yet, just like Luke.

  The elevator doors slid open, and we  were at the front of a hallway. At the end was a window, and there were rooms on both sides of the hall.

  A man stepped out of his room as we left the elevator.

   "All the rooms are connected on this floor, but you can keep yours locked." Leah pulled me to the end of the hall and unlocked a door with a key she pulled from her belt. The door swung open to reveal a large room with a small kitchen and table, and a couch and TV. A door to my left led to a bedroom, and a door to my right led to a bathroom. It was so much better than my old room! The décor was mainly brown, and interestingly different than Earth.

  The man I had seen walked in. He wore a white T-Shirt with a black vest, and brown pants. His hear was brown and messy. "Who's this?" He asked Leah. She rolled her eyes.

  "This is my sister, Lilli," She smiled tightly and muttered to him, "Be nice."

  He narrowed his eyes, "Don't touch the Millennium Falcon." Then he left the room, whispering something to Leah. She blushed but glared as he left.

  "Who's he? What's the Millennium Falcon." I sat down on the leathery couch and set my purse on the coffee table.

  "That is my boyfriend, Han. The Millennium Falcon is his prized ship. He hates kids, so it'll take him a while for him to get used to you. Make yourself comfortable, and I'll bring you down for dinner. Luke will bring up your bags, and threepio can tell you more about...everything." Leia left and closed the door, leaving me with the two droids.

  "Let's get started." Threepio had a slight British accent, although I doubted he was from the UK or the US.

  I stared out the window as threepio went on and on about Tatooine culture, the war, Jedi, bla bla bla.


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