Lilli Skywalker - So I'm a Jedi...

Lilli Skywalker: Hannah WandArrow
Lilli Wilson never fit in on Earth. She has a terrible adoptive family, and no one seems to understand her. When a boy claiming to be her brother, Luke Skywalker, shows up, she takes the chance to train to be a Jedi.
Now Lilli Skywalker, she must help her siblings find the remaining Jedi and train them. Some including a sarcastic (yet extremely cute) outlaw, Leia herself, and Han's ex-girlfriend.

(In this Movella we made up some back-stories for the characters that aren't really canon)
The picture isn't ours, we got it from this website-
(Andromeda- Brianna WandArrow) (Ciara- Ensign Pavel Chekov)


14. Game ON

Lilli's POV

Today, Luke had an idea. We were going to have a light-saber tournament. We got paired off into groups, some of which being:

Andy + Me

Ciara + Elim

Ryder + Auron

Frandev + Nix

Leia + Crismea

We got started. Ciara and Elim were first, and it was a close call. They both were already pretty good, so it was interesting to watch. To win, you had to have your light-saber tip at their chest, or have them fall off the mat in the center of the room being used as the arena. We were using low power ones, so they didn't have the ability to cut through flesh, just burn it. Ciara swung hers hard but Elim easily blocked it and jumped out of the way causing Ciara to stumble, but she swiveled around and fought back. Ciara had Elim about to fall off when Elim raised her leg and kicked Ciara swiftly in the chest, knocking her over so Elim could point her light-saber at her chest.

"Disqualified." Shouted Luke, giving Elim a disapproving look, "Ciara wins."

Ciara stood up, glaring at Elim and joining me on the bench. Elim huffed, but stalked over, her blond ponytail trailing behind her. It was annoyinng, she looked nearly perfect even when sweaty and tired. Frandev and Nix were up next, and it was a quick match. Nix was more than a year older than Frandev, and won quickly without exhausting himself. Nix stepped off of the mat and I could see his muscles ripple through his shirt. Even if he wasn't a jedi, he was definitely in shape and very attractive none the less.

Ryder and Auron were okay, but Ryder had a little more training, so he had an advantage. Auron eventually had no choice but to step backwards off the mat and lose. Leia and Crismea were next, the age gap way bigger between these two, and Leia being more experienced. Leia won almost immediately with only a couple of maneuvers.

Last, was Andy and me. She had told us to start calling her that, and I figured why. Her full name seemed to reveal more about her than she cared to share at the moment.

Neither of us wanted to hurt the other, but we had to fight normally, or it would be embarrassing. I held the metal rod out in front of me and switched it on when Luke said to. I swung sideways as Andy did the same and our sabers clashed, making a small noise. I ducked as she swung again and tried to point up at her heart but she blocked it. I stood up and this continued for a while, before the room went completely dark. I felt Andy's light-saber hit my arm and I lept back, screaming. I fell to my knees and pressed my hand to the burn, that felt like it was on fire.

"I'm so sorry! I couldn't see where you were....and the momentum....crap." I felt Andy's hand on my shoulder, before the lights flickered back on, and I could see everyone's confused faces. Elim snickered slightly when she saw me hunched over and Leia glared at her.

I saw Ryder staring at me from the benches, looking concerned. He started to stand up, then quickly sat back down. He averted his eyes.

"What's going on?" Leia asked, walking towards Luke.

"I don't know. The power level was set way higher than a minute ago." He said, and walked to the window. His face went pale.

"What?" Leah asked, following him. Soon, everyone was crowded around the window. I stood up, still cupping my arm and joined them. Outside, on the street below, were words burned into the ground, still smoking.


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