Lilli Skywalker - So I'm a Jedi...

Lilli Skywalker: Hannah WandArrow
Lilli Wilson never fit in on Earth. She has a terrible adoptive family, and no one seems to understand her. When a boy claiming to be her brother, Luke Skywalker, shows up, she takes the chance to train to be a Jedi.
Now Lilli Skywalker, she must help her siblings find the remaining Jedi and train them. Some including a sarcastic (yet extremely cute) outlaw, Leia herself, and Han's ex-girlfriend.

(In this Movella we made up some back-stories for the characters that aren't really canon)
The picture isn't ours, we got it from this website-
(Andromeda- Brianna WandArrow) (Ciara- Ensign Pavel Chekov)


40. Disappearance

Luke’s P.O.V


I awoke to an empty bed, the other side was stone cold indicating that she had been gone a while. I sat up and looked around, there was a note on the table. I used the Force to bring it over; I barely had to put in effort now. 


Dear Luke,

I am sorry. So sorry for doing this to you, to everyone, but especially you. I couldn't risk it, I couldn't  let him take you from me. He threatened me, by threatening to kill you. So I’ve left, to protect you and the others. Please don’t hate me for this. I can’t lose anyone else to him, I especially can’t lose you. 

I love you Luke.

I’m going to miss you, and I’m not going to die, I wouldn’t do that to you.
I’m sorry, I can’t let him manipulate me anymore, and you are how he has done it.
Please don’t come looking for me.
But I know you will. I think you know where I’ll be
I’m so sorry that I’ve left, please forgive me.

I love you, 



I lay back on the bed shocked, as tears fell down my face as they must of done for her, considering the tear stains on the paper. She was gone, Ciara was gone, just to protect me from some unknown force. I closed my eyes and felt the ghost of her lips on mine, and the echo of her laugh. I loved her. I opened my eyes in realisation, I had never told her that I loved her. I had to find her, I didn't care if she didn't want to be found, I needed her. 

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