The Girl with RED hair.

Her name is Catniss Velvelton.Her family born to have red hair,even her parents.She's from Los Angelas and moved to New York City. Then she met Peter Parker. And Peter is her dream guy.��


2. when Peter came to me.

The first day at school.

When the time Peter comes to me. He ask me why did i have red hair? I said "My family born to have red hair. It's complicated." Peter dont mind i having a red hair. I like Peter. We became friends. He accompany me walking home. While we were walking,we have some interesting conversation about each other. Asking this and that. Then i said to him "You know what Peter? I like you. You're my only friends that i have."

Then he replied "Cat,i like you too. Because you're nice,polite and pretty." And we arrive infront of my house. I said to him "I think untill here we end our conversation Peter." He replied "Yeah,so i guess see you tomorrow then. Peter walks toward me and kissed me. He said "Goodnight Cat. Sweet dreams." At that time i was feeling the love. ^o^

The next day i go to school, i walk in the classroom, he wasn't there. Then i was like "Where's Peter?" Suddenly he hugs me from the back and said "Got you!". I laugh and said "Peter! Don't do that you make me scared you know." Peter said "Oh c'mon,just once. Then we become closed,and more closer.

But at that time, i didn't know yet that Peter was The Amazing Spiderman. But mow, peter tolds me everything. We become couples. I can't believe that now i'm going out with Peter. It was really awkward! Cause Peter and i just met like only 1 week. And now we're couples. I'm happy about it. Dreams do come true. Peter was my dream guy and it did came true... Thank to the god.

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