The Girl with RED hair.

Her name is Catniss Velvelton.Her family born to have red hair,even her parents.She's from Los Angelas and moved to New York City. Then she met Peter Parker. And Peter is her dream guy.��


4. One year later.

One year later,

I dyed my hair blonde. Every teenage girl who had a blonde hair they're soo pretty. So i want to be one of them too. But Peter didn't know yet that i dyed my hair blonde. At that night,in my room,i was doing some revisions cause exams is around the corner. Suddenly my Aunt Gill yelling like "Catniss!!". Then i said "Yes Aunt Gill?". She said "Your cute,handsome friend is here to see you Catniss". Then i said "Oh really??!"

I ran out of my room and passes the living room and straight away ran to the front door to see Peter. When he saw me,he was speechless. Peter said "What have you done to your hair Cat?". Then i said "Why you dont like it?". He said "No. You become more beautiful when i saw you". "Awhh, thank you Peter.

He brought me to a restaurant at that night. I can't stand looking at Peter. Cause of his dark brown hair,his hazel eyes and his cuteness. I started to cry. Peter noticed me when i was crying. He ask me "Cat,what happened?". I replied "nothing Peter. It just you,i'm worried about you. You're in danger!" He said "Why i'm in danger? I didn't do anything wrong." Then i said "Peter, you're The Amazing Spider Man. Every villains want to kill you. You might be dead now. You just got lucky Peter that now you still alive." He said "So you want me to die is it?" I said "No! I dont want you to die. I love you Peter. I dont want to lose you. You're the only one for me." Then he replied "Cat,if you love me so,please don't talk about this anymore. I beg you. Let just eat our dinner. " i pretend that i was happy but i didn't. i do this because of Peter. I want him to be happy. After we finish our dinner,he wanted to send me home but i didn't allow him to.

Peter said "oh really?! You don't want me to send you home? Then how if you get hurt or something??" And i said .........

TO BE CONTINUE WITH "the Girl with BLONDE hair".

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