The Girl with RED hair.

Her name is Catniss Velvelton.Her family born to have red hair,even her parents.She's from Los Angelas and moved to New York City. Then she met Peter Parker. And Peter is her dream guy.��


3. couples.


It was the weekend,i was very bored cause i have nothing to do on that day. Suddenly,i hear something on the roof. It sounds like s footsteps or something. Then i was suprised cause it was Peter all along standing outside infront of my room window. Then i opened the window and let him in. He ask me out. He took me to the most beautiful scenery that i have ever seen. Then Peter stand infront of me,hold both of my hand and said "Catniss Velvelton,will you be my girlfriend for the rest of our life?" It was very sweet of him. I'm so touched. I said "Peter,of course!! Yes! Yes! I will be your girlfriend for the rest of our live!" Peter come towards me untill we can't move anymore and he kissed me. So,it's gonna be the best day of my life.

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