I Know I'm weird, but I Perfer crazy

Elaya is pretty normal girl. She is sweet,kind and caring and does everything a normal person would do. But if you really new her you would think she is one of the most weirdest person you have ever met. She doesn't really mind but if you tell her she is weird you will get the same response "I know I'm weird, but I perfer crazy.“


4. Her Room

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Chapter 4: Her Room 

Liam's P.O.V
     I think I speak for all of us when I say her room was.... Different. When we walked in she literally had to make a pathway for us to walk through the room; dirty clothes were sprawled all over the floor. As well as dirty dishes, food wrappers, and food in general. The boys and I were looking at things and I bet we all found something we liked. 

     I noticed a long shelf acroos from her bed on the other wall near her tiny closet . As I was looking i noticed it was full of Movies. I couldn't help but ask to clarify what i was so amazed by. "Elaya?" I questioned.  "Yas, Liam? " She seemed to be a bit pleased to be asked a question.  "Um, May I ask you what these are on the shelf ?" i asked. She smiled "Its just a collection I have, here let me show you." She made a pathway then pulled me towards the shelf, and the boys follwed . "Ok so this is, *sigh* my Disney collection. On the top is all the characters of Disney to be created, there so cute cuz they are very small. On the bottom there's all of the disney Movies to be created." I was very surprised someone was obsessed with disney like me. This is one girl............. 


Harry's  P.O.V


     Her room was junked but still managed to smell like it was clean or at least the best clean she could get it to be. When she was making her pathway for us to walk she would pick up stuff and say to herself how she had been looking for it and lost it. I wonder why? 

     After Liam noticed the Disney shelf (typical Liam) and questioned her I walked away to do some exploring myself. As I was walking I noticed her dog in a corner and next was a kitten. Yes they were both in cages. I was going to ask her about them but the kitten started meowing real loud. So everyone's attention was on me and the kitten. "Aww Bob it's okay." She called torwards the kitten and went over to her kitten opened its cage and carried him out and start scratching its ear. It then started purring loud as well. "Bob? " I questioned. "Yuppers  his name is Bob, I found him by my aunts house. He was found by the neighbors but they didn't want him so my aunt hates pets so I took him in." she responds. "That's so sweet, I love the name how'd you name him?" I asked. "Well.... I was in class and I drew this very weird looking cat and it was not a piece of art I can tell you that, but all my friends liked it and we named him bob. So when I got this cute kitten I decided to name him Bob Eclipse Torrence." I just looked at her kitten. Then I looked at her dog.  He looked like a Rot Wieler. "Elaya  who is this? " I questioned looking at the dog. "Oh that's Billy Torrence,  he doesn't have a middle name like Bob. " She replied. The way she was cuddling with the cat in her arms was so cute. Now a girl who loves cats is ideal........ 

Zayn's P.O.V

     After Harry's little kitten scene I couldn't pay attention that much because ever since we came in the room I noticed her room has spray painted walls. She had a table with spray paint cans, some were cut in half with paint brushes in them. I could tell she noticed me looking. She had flowers and graffiti writing on the walls. The thing about it was it was different; the flowers were dark colors using only black and with white stems/vines coming from them. She didn't seem girly at all. She had some small sayings on her wall such as "Pretty Hurts", "Not about angels " Forever is just a lie" , and etc. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked down to see Elaya. " To answer your questions. 1. I hate the colors yellow, pink, and orange. 2. I paint over every week, do I put wall paper on it than I paint the wallpaper to save my other creations. "  she told me.  I just looked at her wide eyed. "If you want we can paint something. " she said smiling "How could you tell I was even going to ask that and even want to do that? " I asked her surprised. It may have come out mean then I intended it to be funny. Her face dropped "I used to know someone who wouldn't stop talking about you guys so I kinda know everything about you guys that's why I haven't freaked out yet besides Niall eating my food." she said with tears in her eyes then glaring at Niall. She smiled and acted as if nothing happened. Well a girl who can appreciate art and us sensitive is my type  of woman... 

Niall's P.O.V

     I still feel bad about eating her Oreo's. Okay so all the boys have anything they like so I decided to look for something. I was looking around and then I looked up and noticed a guitar.it wasn't just one it was multiple ones. The different types from electric guitars to acoustic guitars. They were literally on the ceiling!  "Oh my gosh Elaya do you play?" I really wanted to know. "Well I did play but my audience got small so I died because my motivation was gone forever. " She whiskers the last word but I still heard it. She looked so familiar but I count put my finger on it. Well who cares as long as she can play guitar and us sweet at least. Then that's my Princess. 

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