I Know I'm weird, but I Perfer crazy

Elaya is pretty normal girl. She is sweet,kind and caring and does everything a normal person would do. But if you really new her you would think she is one of the most weirdest person you have ever met. She doesn't really mind but if you tell her she is weird you will get the same response "I know I'm weird, but I perfer crazy.“


3. Apologies

HEY MY BAD BITCH'S!!! So I was wondering if I should delete this story because I'm not so sure you guys like it but for those who like it tell me and i will start posing more since schools almoist out for me!


Chapter 3: Apologies


Brianna's P.O.V

   As I watched Elaya go upstairs I was very proud I was actually very proud of her for not screaming because her screaming is like a total break down. I looked over to the boys they had worried looks plastered on there faces. Ecspeacially Niall. "Sorry guys but my sister loves here Oreos they are like a drug addiction to her and those are the last ones my sister can have since they go by fast and my mom doesn't want to waste her money on cookies." I informed them. They all nodded. 

     "Will she be ok?" Liam questioned breaking the silence. I just shrugged because you will never know when it comes to Elaya. "I hope." I replied. "Why dont we all go in the living room for now?" They all nodded and walked in there. I turned on the T.V and Frozen was on "OMG...EYERYBODY SHUT UP AND WATCH THE MOVIE!" I rambled. "Looks like someone likes this movie." Louis said. "You gotta problem Louis?" I sassed. Louis shut up after that. I was so happy to be watching my movie. 

    After we were done watching Elaya came down the stairs slowly, and may I add fully clothed. She walked down into the living room and just stood there looking at us. "I umm..umm I just wanted to say I'm sorry I guess I let my guy side get the best of me." she whispered loud enough for us to hear. The boys looked confused. "your guy side?" Harry asked. "You didnt tell them?" she asked me. "Not my bisness to tell." I replied

Elaya's P.O.V


     "Before I was born they told my mom they were having a boy but when I was born I turned out to be a girl....." I said kind of embarrased. "So your telling us you changed genders in the womb?" Harry asked me. "Well yes I guess, but the thing is I was born with girl and boy hormones but only thing was I was only a girl and the doctors told me everything boys can do I can do but the only thing different is I have girl body parts." I informed them extremely embarrassed. "Well thats unique." Louis replied. "So have you like had a boner before?" Harry asked me. Brianna started laughing. I glared at her , not again. "That was like the best question I have heard about her!" Brianna said while laughing. "It's not funny." I told her. " Yes it is!" Thats it I jumped on her and started tickiling her. Then once I got it to where she couldn't breath I squeezed her butt and then thats when screams  of laughter. The guys just looked at Brianna and I with confusion and i just fell on my back laughing. I forgot to mention I have multiple laughs that fit my situations.I was now laughing so hard that I was crying and this was for nothing. Complete and utterly nothing. It took me about 5 mninutes to calm down when finally I stopped laughing.

     "Sorry... guys but thats just something we do on a reguler basis." I informed them. "Thats ok it was a adorable little sister moment." Louis replied. "Awww thanks Louis!" "BRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAA!" I yelled at my sister sittting next to me. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT" She yelled back. I made me best puppy dog eyes and stuck my big lip out. "I'm hungryyyyyy." I whined. All the boys looked at me ,then Niall, then me, then Niall. At this point I was getting annoyed. "YES?!?" I hissed. Liam spoke up "That's exactly what Niall does to us 24/7." "Oh" I breathed out. "Well then I'm gonna go upstairs." I told them while standing up."Elaya ,wait you have to show them your room." Brianna informed me. "Hehe about that umm..." I tried looking for an excuse. "Nope Elaya you have to." Brianna bossed me. "Ugh fine....come on.." I responded morning the boys to follow me.

     I hesitated but opened the door and let them in...........

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