When bad boy Nathan bumps into Thea while waiting for his mates at the school gates, he immediately wants her. Nathan is use to getting what he wants when he wants, so what happens when sassy Thea shows him up? What will he do to get what he wants? Read to find out...


1. Getting to know the characters

Characters names:

Main girl: Thea Monique Bates

Thea’s best friend: Keelie Tia Summers

Thea’s other main friends: Lexi Carman Sinclair, Mia Skye Carran, Harper Eleanor Hackling and Bronte Carina Laughton

Main boy: Nathan Zaid Cote

Nathan’s best friend: Adam Gregory Morley

Nathan’s other main friends: Coby Brice Hooper, Kyle Alec Fualk, Bailey Elijah Wells and Daniel Trace Shilton

Quick outline of the characters:

Thea Monique Bates: Thea has long black hair that reaches down her back and icy blue eyes. She has a great curvy body and she is medium in height. Thea also has a sassy attitude and likes to play hard to get. She attends Emerson High School and lives on Clinton Street.

Keelie Tia Summers: Keelie has blonde long hair and blue eyes. She is skinny and is the same height as Thea. Thea and Keelie have been best friends since they were babies. Keelie attends Emerson High School and lives next door to Thea.

Thea’s other main friends: Lexi, Mia, Harper and Bronte are also best friends with Thea and Keelie. They attend the same school and spend their weekends hanging out together.

Nathan Zaid Cote: Nathan is tall and has a great 12 pack. He has swifty brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Nathan is a bad boy and does not attend school. He hangs at the school gate of an afternoon to wait for his mates.

Adam Gregory Morley: Adam has a similar structure to Nathan. He is tall, has a great 12 pack, swifty brown hair and deep brown eyes. Adam attends Emerson High School and plays on the football team. Nathan and Adam have been best friends since they were babies. Nathan and Adam also live together in a huge mansion.

Nathan’s other main friends: Coby, Kyle, Bailey and Daniel are also best friends with Nathan and Adam. They all attend Emerson High School and are all on the football team. They spend their spare time getting into mischief. They are currently living at home.

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