When bad boy Nathan bumps into Thea while waiting for his mates at the school gates, he immediately wants her. Nathan is use to getting what he wants when he wants, so what happens when sassy Thea shows him up? What will he do to get what he wants? Read to find out...


4. Chapter 3

Nick pulled up in his driveway and we all got out of the car. I said bye to Keelie, gave her a hug and began to walk to my house next door. Nick quickly grabbed my arm just before I left his driveway and started talking.

“Thea, I’m sorry about yelling at you earlier. I just don’t want you getting hurt. Like I said, those guys are dangerous. God knows what could’ve happened if I wasn’t there to pull you out of that situation.”

“I’m sorry," I assured him. And I meant it. "It won’t happen again.”

Nick pulled me in for a hug and we stayed like that for what seemed like two minutes. Eventually, we both pulled apart at the same time. I could’ve stayed like that for ages. Nick was like the brother I never had.


The sun peeked itself through my window and woke me up. It was 8:00. I got up and had a shower and got into some white ripped skinny jeans and a shirt with ‘YOLO’ written on the back. Quickly, I grabbed my hoody and headed downstairs. Today was Saturday and the girls and I were going shopping. I put my hoody on as I headed next door. Keelie was already dressed and the girls were already there waiting for me. The six of us jumped into Mia’s Tarago bus (which had 8 seats) and headed to the mall. Nick was going to work at the same time as we were heading off.

It had been a few hours since we got to the mall and we were getting ready to leave. Mia jumped into the driver’s side and tried to start the car. The car revved a few times but then stopped. None of us knew anything about cars so I called up Nick.



"Hello?" I could hear Nick saying on the other side of the phone.

"Hey Nick," I replied, "Mia’s car isn’t working! Can you come over and have a look? "We don’t know what’s wrong with it!"

"Sure." I was surprised by how little pause there was between my question and his answer. He could've acted a little hesitant. "Where are you?"

"We’re at the mall," I answered, my sassy attitude now returning. "Can you hurry? I really want to try on these awesome shorts!"

"Ugh," I hear Nick mumble. "Girls and their clothes..."

We ended the phone call. It didn’t take long until Nick showed up in his ute. It was a nice, modern, metallic blue. He had a long look at Mia's broken car.

“Sorry Mia. Looks like you’re going to have to put it in a garage to get a motor.”

“How are we going to get home?”

“I can take one of you at a time. Mum and dad are away and your parents don’t have their car back either, Thea.”

“Okay, so who’s first?”


I quickly ran to shotgun and jumped in while my friends behind me gave me playful death stares.

“Thanks for asking us first," said Bronte sarcastically. Harper nodded in agreement and Lexi giggled. Nick jumped into the driver's side and drove off, leaving them all behind. I put the radio on and sung along to ‘I’m yours’ by Jason Mraz. Nick started to sing along as well and we both giggled. We were almost home when all of a sudden a car slammed into us. The darkness started to rip me in but just before it succeeded I looked over at Nick. He had blood all over his face and he wasn’t moving. I whispered his name just as my life turned black.


Nathan’s POV

I looked over the seat trying to find my phone. Just as I turned back around there was a huge crash. Namely, I caused the huge crash. The impact jolted me around in my seat but it wasn't anything too major. I hadn't been watching where I was going and hit an ute. Oh no. What had I done? Quickly jumping out of the car, I glanced at who it was I'd hit and made sure they didn’t see my car. There was no way I was going to prison for accidentally killing someone when I kill for fun.

Inside the car there was a guy who had blood all over him. I could tell that he was in very bad shape and I highly dealt that he saw me or my car. I walked over to the passenger’s side and my eyes widened. There was the beautiful girl that had sassed me that day at the school gate. She had blood on her face and was unconscious. I whispered in her ear ‘You are beautiful’. It was a quiet street and I knew all the people on it so I wasn’t worried about them. They knew if they dobbed me in they would be as good as dead. Just like the girl and the driver she was with were.

I jumped in my car, quickly drove home and put my car in the garage.

Thea’s POV

I slowly started to open my eyes as the light made them burn. My head was throbbing and I slowly remembered what had happened. As soon as my eyes were fully open I quickly asked whoever was there an important question that was already eating away at my brain.

“Where’s Nick?" I demanded, ignoring everything else but that one thought. "Is he okay?”

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