When bad boy Nathan bumps into Thea while waiting for his mates at the school gates, he immediately wants her. Nathan is use to getting what he wants when he wants, so what happens when sassy Thea shows him up? What will he do to get what he wants? Read to find out...


3. Chaper 2

Finally school was out for the boys. I was on the beach and had lost track of time, but luckily my best friend, Keelie, had texted me. She picked me up and we headed towards the school.

Keelie's brother is on the footy team, so we would always use the excuse that we were there to see how he was going with his training, when really, we were there to break some tough boy heart. I'm not sure why, but Keelie and I have been doing this since seventh grade. I don't mean to brag, but we've always been very gorgeous and boys have always been attracted to us.

As we headed up towards the school, a guy standing at the gate swung around and bumped into me.

"Oops, sorry"

I mean, I know I love to break guy’s hearts but I'm not all mean. It's kind of in my nature to apologize. Ugh, manners, what is the world coming to?

"Watch where you’re going, slut!"

He was so ignorant and I wasn't about to put up with it. It had not been my fault - he'd been the one to bump into me. And can I just add? I AM NOT A SLUT!!!

"Oh, I'm sorry, I should have noticed the big pile of junk standing there!"

I have to admit that I can be extremely sassy. What can I say? Nobody messes with me or my friends.

“Ooh, I like ‘em feisty!”

He stared at me licking his lip.

“Well it’s a shame you never get the feisty ones, just the desperate ones!”

He was really starting to piss me off! I felt like punching him in the jaw. The only thing that was stopping me was how huge and bulky he was. I have to admit that he did kinda look cute!

“Sweetie, I always get what I want, and I want you”

He kept eyeing me off, from top to bottom. I was use to the staring and licking lips, yet this felt so different than usual.

“Hey Nathan bro, Whatcha doing?”

A whole bunch of boys came out and five huge guys in the school footy uniform started talking to the guy I was arguing with. I guess his name is Nathan, since that’s what they were calling him.

“I was just about to ask these two very lovely ladies if they would like to join us at Starbucks.”

They were all looking at Keelie and me, waiting for an answer. There was no way I was going anywhere with this freak.

“We’re kind of busy with more important things!”

Just as I said that, I noticed that Keelie hadn't said a single word since we got into this situation. She looked… scared??

“What could be more important than hanging with a bunch of hot guys?”

“Well, if they're hot then nothing, but since it’s only you lot, homework.”

“Tutt, tutt.”

All of a sudden the boys starting smirking sheepishly. Keelie grabbed my arm and backed away. Why was she so scared?

“Keelie! Thea! What on earth are you doing here, we gotta go!”

Keelie still had hold of my arm as she quickly pulled me towards Nick (Keelie’s brother). We jumped into his car and she slapped me on the arm.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Keelie! What the hell! Why were you two talking to them guys, I’ve told you how dangerous they are!”

Nick interrupted Keelie before she could answer my question. I was curious to what on earth they were talking about. Nick looked at me worried, which made me worried too. Nick has always been like a brother to me, and when he is worried, that means that something's wrong. Very wrong. Keelie sat there in complete silence, her head hung down in shame. Nick forwarded his questions towards me.

“What did he say to you, Thea? What did you say to him? Did you hit him? Please say you didn’t hit h-“

Jeeze Loize, don’t get you nicker’s in a twist. No, I didn’t hit him! What’s wrong with you pair?”

“Thea, those guys are very dangerous, I don’t want you getting hurt!”

“I’m a big girl Nick, I can handle myself!”


I jumped in shock as Nick yelled at me. He has never yelled at me before, no matter what. I decided to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the ride home, as I was already in shock and even a bit frightened. Nick never behaved like that. He was really worried.

‘These guys must be bad news,’ I thought to myself as we drove home.

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