The Cycle of Clan

In a post-apocalyptic world, how do you live, when you are cut off from all existence?


1. Prologue

The year 2022; 5 years after the Chinese launched a devastating invasion against the world. It resulted in a global apocalypse. All the cities were now wastelands; abandoned and even over-run by outlaws. The world had been united just before this stage, and then China seized the opportunity to attack and betrayed the world. Fortunately, or unfortunately, China had vastly over estimated their military strength. China had been slowly becoming an English speaking country, some provinces spoke English as their primary language, other provinces did not take well to English speakers at all.

But province didn’t matter anymore. For in China, outlaws owned the cities. Small clans fight to save what’s left of the remains of the broken nation. Most technology was destroyed from the apocalypse, however one important item lived on: the Quadget. It is however expected of this, a Quadget holds the users identity, personal information and anything else that makes a person unique. The Quadgets are who they are. But Quadgets did more than hold information. They each had three slots; an illegal/weapon slot, which was originally made for military purposes, a versatile slot, which almost anything could be attached to, and, of course, a graphical interface slot. The Quadget also has an audio output and holographic display inside it and is also capable of communication to other Quadgets through holographic, audio or in the graphic display.

The Quadget is also one handed; it needs a hand to attach to. All the interfacing is done through your nervous system; from your mind, straight to the Quadget. Meaning you can literally command the Quadget with just your mind. The Quadget however by itself is in-active until someone who is capable of giving a life disk, gives you a life disk. Life disks are small cards that contain all your identity and personal information. They also have the data of what you can customize your Quadget too, so you can only have a laser beam in the illegal/weapon slot instead of whatever you wish. What you are restricted to depends on your identity; if you were military then you would be able to access many different lethal attachments.

However the cost of a life disk means your life is owned by whoever the identity belongs to. You become their ‘servant’ and follow them. Thus, amongst all the apocalyptic chaos, many men are confused and lost about who they are and die never discovering their true purpose.

China had also become isolated from the world. After China’s defeat, the United World’s League; the world’s leaders, decided to cover China with a dome of Static. Everything is cut off except the river that runs down from Mongolia and splits into the south and east. The entrance of the river is the only way in, and out. It is however heavily guarded and patrolled by Russian and Mongolian Military forces to prevent any ‘escapades.’ 

China has no more provinces after its defeat since there is no government; the whole country is in anarchy. Most cities are all rubble, but few cities have buildings standing, fewer cities have a small town functioning still. These towns however are constantly fought over between clans. The three major ruling clans are ‘Divinity,’ ‘Terror’ and ‘Knights of the order’ or ‘Ko’ for short. Most clans have a home district in an abandoned building or a conquered town. But a few clans out there are pure nomads and prefer to camp and travel everywhere. Generally these clans are peaceful, however that does not mean they are incapable of being aggressive, it’s a fight for survival everywhere you go; resources are short and rivalries rage. There’s no room for love and compassion anymore; everyone had gone primitive. Even the desert clans clash over territorial sand. Two clans will fight to the death over even wreckage, just for shelter and resources.

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