Fortunes of a Servant

A beautiful world contains a dark secret. The world of Turtuis, is a planet made for a prison, but even a prison can have splendour. Or, perhaps it cannot.


1. Preface

Turtuis, a world where the grass was lush a green, the earth was rough and burnt and the air is vibrant. Much like earth; well, it was earth, only it was earth in another realm.

Trees towered in the forests; the rivers streamed and made music for the birds to sing to. The oceans sprayed and clashed in a giant battle, hiding the peaceful eco-system that lived in harmony underneath. The sky might one day be a sapphire blue, or with pearl white clouds. Or possibly, on a stormy day, there could be dark clouds that threatened and provoked the lands and waters.

The fruit that fell from trees, the berries that grew from the bushes, the crops that grow from the ground, they all flourished in size and taste. The wood from the trees, and stone from the ground, were all as strong as iron. The air was thick with life and vibrancy. The animals all lived in and endless cycle of grazing, hunting, surviving and then dying to pass on the cycle. The birds scavenged for what they needed to live. All so far like earth, but, enough of the nature that we would expect. Let us look at what makes Tutuis a unique world unlike earth.

Humans? No, there are none to be found. Humans live on earth. Do they not? How then can they live here? No, this world boasted of an equal race; the Sraught. For the sake of this story, let us think of them as humans, humans that had thick leather flesh, were a variety of sizes the same as humans, and each individual in their own way.

So what else makes them unique? These Sraught had a different jaw to man. A mans jaw has blunt teeth, strong jaws yes, but very blunt compared to the Sraught. Their heads were slightly bigger in proportion to their bodies as a result for their strange jaw. Their teeth on average measured and inch to 2 inches. They were like savage beast’s teeth, but a lot sharper. Their jaws had strength to crush 4 inch plastic, just at youth. Their eyes were either green, purple, or blue, orange eyes were among them, we shall speak of these later. The Sraught also had hair, much like man again, but in more varying natural colour. Their hair was a natural white or crystal blue at birth. Their hair would quickly colour to their personality.

The ancient scrolls of creation read:


Crimson for the thirster of blood

Ocean for the one of high intelligence

Sky for the one with a peaceful heart

The night sky for those discrete and witty

Wooden for the stubborn and arrogant but resilient

Emerald for those who are curious and patient

Amethyst for the concealed and mysterious

White for those still with the heart of a child

Fire for those who are hasty and harsh

The sun for the ones who are observant and joyful

Stone for the ones unknown


The ancient scrolls are the records of creation. They were written by the Dragon of Turtuis. He was bound and thrown into this world. He was not allowed to leave. For eternities the Dragon gazed into the barren land as he suffered in the silence, except for his cries of pain. The Dragon grew desperate for anything that weren’t of the world he was in. That was when he wrote the ancient scrolls, they were his plea to the One that threw him into this world. If we were to read each word of the scroll, we would be here far too long and grow too bored to care.

This Dragon pleaded for life to surround him. He described the races and the life of the plants, waters and skies. The Dragon had compassion given to him, or of which seemed like compassion. But the races did not recognise the Dragon and ignored its existence. The Dragon tried to attack the races in his anger. However, the captor of the Dragon was among their presence since the races had still to finish development. The Dragon was rebuked viciously and bound to the crypts of the land, far down for any civilisation to be able to cope. He was then bound by spirit to a chain that surrounded the core. He was to live without anything of the world, except for what rock was inside the core.


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