Supernaturally Insane

What if your choice to believe, or not to believe, was the only weapon you have. What if, the enemy, cannot be found, though within you it is hidden? What if, maybe, just maybe, the truth is in disguise.


7. Trouble

In flew Inferno, Erass lifted her hand, with all the archers raising their weapons. Erass shouted an unfamiliar word to Durnik, at best he thought she said “nit’I’lus”. Whatever she said, the archers let the first wave of bolts and arrows go, as they flew they changed into a blinding flash. Inferno’s charge diverted to avoid the arrows. Durnik watched, but looked at the horizon, the Necromancer was watching, but two figures approached him from below. He could not make out what they were.

“Sir?” Erass waved for Durnik’s attention. Durnik shook his head looking at her, trying his best to focus on her words. “The archers will fight Inferno now, they are more than able to, they will attempt to divert it to a lake or a body of water, in the meantime, what is it that has caught your attention?” Erass peered over towards to horizon where Durnik was looking.

“Are you sure they will be ok?” Durnik was uneasy about leaving Inferno, he felt responsible.

“Yes, I am sure, come follow me”. Erass started to run towards the horizon, towards the Necromancer and the two figures, who were getting even closer to the Nightmare. Durnik followed closely.

As they got closer they saw a mounted Elven warrior approach the necromancer and a witch. The three hadn’t noticed Durnik and Erass, the pair had approached by staying out of sight. Though, Durnik wondered even still how they weren’t noticed.

When they were near, they hid by a boulder. Listening, Erass and Durnik heard that they were arguing over what they figured was a deal of some sort.

“Well? Where is she?” Grumbled the witch. “I can’t summon it until I have her”.

“Hah! You old hag? I was promised her first, you would do right to know your place!” Spoke the Elven warrior.

“Look at the horizon, can you not sssee it? She is at this moment being brought to us, my, maybe she is here already?” Nightmare’s annoying hiss was even louder now.

Erass looked at Durnik.

“Are you for me, or against me?” Her whisper pierced Durnik to his deepest core.

“Even beyond death I am for you.” Durnik whispered back. What an idiot I am, just throw yourself towards her next time, why not? thought Durnik. With that Erass stood up.

“I see, she is here indeed, and my friend here, you mean to say he has betrayed me?” Erass stood and looked at Durnik, lifting him to his feet.

“Ahh sssplendid Durnik.” Said Nightmare

“She would fetch a mighty price at home” The Elven warrior spoke.

“Tricking her into being your friend, not the ideal way, but very cruel. I like your style” Spoke the witch.

“You fools! I will not do such a thing! Oh my love, it is so good to see you. Ok Durnik, for your trouble, I give you this.” Nightmare held a bag of coins. “I shall take her back with me now. Fortune find you on your journey.” Nightmare grabbed Erass, who willfully allowed him to and followed. She turned and winked at Durnik.

Durnik turned to see the Elven warrior and the witch. The two drew their weapons.

“Poor soul, just trying to stay alive, I am sorry, but we cannot allow you to live now.” Spoke the witch.

“Justice must be served” Shouted the Elven warrior.

Durnik had an urge to be angry and become his version of death. He thought for a moment, a stillness and clarity came upon him. An unworldly peace. That’s what he wants Thought Durnik. Instead he drew his weapons.

“I will protect her until with all I have and am.” He charged at the two of them. He bashed the Elven warrior with his shield, throwing him down the hill. The witch charged at Durnik, and tried to stab him with her dagger. Durnik evaded, knocking her neck as she stumbled by with the hilt of his blade. She fell to the ground half paralysed struggling to breathe. She crawled away, Durnik thought of ending her life, but ran after the Necromancer. The Elven warrior and the witch will not be far behind him, but he had to try.

He wasn’t far behind the two, they were only a couple hundred metres. Durnik called out to the Necromancer.

“Let her go this instant!” Demanded Durnik.

The Necromancer stopped, and turned. As he turned around, the bag of coins hit his head, momentarily disorientating him allowing Erass to break free from his grasp. Durnik charged towards the two but found his legs bound by a pair of bolas. The Elven warrior chased him. Durnik freed himself from the chains and defended from the Elven warrior’s initial strike. Durnik kicked the Elven Warrior away and swung at his legs. The warrior was gaining his balance as Durnik knocked his legs out from under him. Durnik turned to see Erass fighting the Necromancer.

Erass kicked the Necromancer in the head, throwing a flurry of energy beams towards him. She would flash him to disorientate him and would quickly jab his stomach. She continued to do this, unrelenting towards the Necromancer. The Necromancer never had a chance to fight back.

Durnik turned back to counter the warrior’s recovery. Durnik kicked the warrior back down and attempted to slam his foot through the warrior’s skull. The witch suddenly arrived, crawling along the dusty desert soil. She interrupted Durnik by throwing a fire ball into his boots. Durnik remained steadied, but missed the warrior’s head. The warrior then tripped Durnik so that they both lay on the ground.

Erass struck the Necromancer once more, slowly making him approach a cliff edge. She cornered him on the edge. He quickly grabbed Erass’ throat, choking and lifting her into the air, turning around to drop her of the cliff.

Durnik turned to see her dangling over the edge. He had to think fast. If he attacked the Necromancer, he would drop her anyway, he can’t make him turn around with her, and didn’t have time to be able to grab her off of the Necromancer. Durnik scanned everywhere and turned to see the witch was about to throw another fireball. An idea came to Durnik.

He stood up and positioned himself between the Necromancer and the witch. He faked that he did not see the fire ball. He saw the warrior was also getting up as well. He had one shot. He saw the fireball with the corner of his eye and ducked, and shot off towards Erass, throwing the warrior onto the witch as he sprinted. He watched the Necromancer to see what his next move should be. If the Necromancer dropped Erass, he would be able to catch her just in time as she fell. If the Necromancer kept hold of her, he would knock the Necromancer of the cliff and grab Erass as she fell with him.

The fireball hit the opposite shoulder to Erass. He dropped Erass as he was flung around. Durnik sprinted towards Erass. Her piercing scream drove Durnik to sprint as fast as physically possible, and caught her as he ran.

She clenched him and held as tight as possible to him as her face went pale. Durnik had ran down the hill next to the cliff. He was halfway at the time, but knew the Necromancer would see his approach.

The Necromancer turned around to see the witch and the Elven warrior standing side by side. The Necromancer was furious and attacked them both. Durnik found a small enclave inside the cliff and hid in there with Erass. He listened to the fighting as he held Erass. She was shaking and all her blood had left her limbs. Durnik comforted her, holding her tight, reassuring her that he had her. He heard the fighting had escalated. As he started a campfire, and gave Erass his rations of water and food, he heard an explosion, and the witch fell in front of the small cave. She was slightly cindered. But Durnik dragged her in and checked that she was dead. He ribbed of her robe and gave it to Erass. He scavenged her supplies and rations for more items that could help and found some more food.

The fighting stopped. Durnik had stated a fire and had comforted Erass enough for her to recover. She had no injuries or marks on her neck, the Necromancer obviously wanted her to be alive as she fell. Her jaw was slightly red from where the Necromancer’s fingers held her. He felt guilt overcome him. She ran off, but he still felt as if he had failed her. She drifted into a deep sleep. He needed to take her back with him to the city, but could not until he knew it was clear.

He looked outside to see why there was a silence outside. He saw the warrior lay down with his own sword impaled into his eye. He saw the Necromancer flying off with large wings. They were like eagle’s wings and had black feathers that glistened in the moon light. He flew away from the city. Durnik waited a little longer before he planned his departure.

He packed everything and scavenged what he could from the witch and the warrior, he placed it in a pouch that the Warrior had and loaded all he could. When he decided it was time to leave he carried Erass and began to walk towards the city, which seemed like a bright sunrise in the horizon of a night sky.

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