Supernaturally Insane

What if your choice to believe, or not to believe, was the only weapon you have. What if, the enemy, cannot be found, though within you it is hidden? What if, maybe, just maybe, the truth is in disguise.


2. Prison

Durnik sat on his bed, he looked outside, and there was a nice breeze coming through his window. But when he saw outside, there were dead corpses every where. He listened to the people, without himself noticing, and heard that the Orcs had attacked. Was it because of what happened last night? Or was it true that Growjeng had began his era of Orcs? Or, was it both? When he walked outside he could smell a scent, a very odd scent. One he did not smell every morning when he walked outside. He smelt fear, death, Orcs and the smell of the Elvan warrior’s blood on the ground. He could also hear shrieks of the dead kids and warriors. His commander was lying in the front of the corpses. He ran to him, he was a warrior of Elvide, as was Durnik. Durnik’s commander saw him. And with the last of his breathe he told Durnik to lead his army, and gave him his sword. His sword had a hilt of gold, with a blade of blood stained steel. He told Durnik that he could defeat the Orcs if he could discover a secret;  

“You must let Az be your guide, let him guide you, let him be your breastplate and helmet. Without him you are powerless, but he can-.“

 Durnik noticed that he was dropping out every now and then.

 “You must………..he can……….save us……. But you have to……….go to him…….and say-.“ He was pierced by and orc who had been spying on him. Durnik instantly swung into action by striking the Orc’s heart and repeatedly stabbing him in the chest. Durnik could feel the curse’s urging for a rampage again. He needed to go away, and quickly. So he sprinted randomly to the Elvan forest in the east. This forest, Malekite, was famous for its atmosphere of peace and calmness. Here he was free from the curse.

Back in Elvicon, the Orcs were attacking. Ruthless and violently, they shredded every soul in their sight. They showed no mercy. And the leader was Growjeng. He was responsible for the attack and was killing innocent women and children.


Durnik did not hear the cry’s of the children who were being attacked, no, he was in his own world. He saw all the colours in the world surrounding him and every where he looked, he noticed every little speck of dust was a different colour. He also noticed that every colour would blend in with it’s surrounding colours and you could hardly tell it was there. But when he focused on it, it disappeared, and then he noticed how much of a difference it made. He didn’t realise that, every colour would make the other colours what they were. Then he noticed that the colours grouped with white on top and black on the bottom. He noticed that the closer to one of the shades, the more it looked like it. Then he saw the master colours, there were eight (for the eight colours red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, green, white and black). He noticed that they stood out and that each one was in the shape of a being. The green was the shape of an elvan warrior. The blue was the water bird of the southern ocean. The orange was the shape of a witch. The yellow the shape of a fiery bird that flew from the volcanoes of the desert, the red, the red was a curious colour because it had a bit of brown in it, was a shape of a rock formation that appeared to look like a titan. The purple was the shape of a dark dragon, which had an orc riding it. The black had the shape of an Orc, which looked like Growjeng. And the white look very familiar, he couldn’t find out what it looked like, but he could not ignore it either. He then saw all the colours rise and the blue separated from the purple and green, which faded as the blue parted farther away, the yellow separated from the orange and green, which again; faded as the yellow parted. And the red separated from the orange and purple, which too faded as the red parted. Then the black and white were starting to come closer, he noticed that the colours formed a cylinder and that as the top and bottom came together it pushed the other colours away. But he could not understand why when the red, the blue and the yellow were separating. He did not now that the three colours were the colours that made the other three colours. At least he did not know yet.


Then the black and white got all of the other colours that ended up on their side of the cylinder, after it be came a disc and separated to two discs, then the specks of colours started appearing like soldiers and started to fight each other then, a colour never seen before, no colour that can be imagined, appeared in the middle, which looked like a‘t’. It shone, shone so bright that all the other colours could not fight because it had stunned them. Then it absorbed all the colours and converted them into its colour, some rejected it and ran away, they turned in to another black colour, it had an image of a great dragon that breathed fire and darkness. But it could not go near the mysterious colour. This turned into a shining white colour.  This was because; all the colours weren’t inside it. But there were colours that had, yet again, stayed in the middle. And others still that went to the black colour.


There were also colours that were appearing in the middle all the time, it would expand, and certain colours would go to certain sides. Durnik noticed that when the strange colour appeared, the familiar shape was the first to enter. It led all the other colours that went in, in. Then it happened, all the colours in the middle had disappeared into one of the two colours, then they turned into soldiers, and the two colours fought. They fought until all the black had disappeared, in all this, not a single white soldier died. All the black had died and all the white was changed back to its original mysterious form.


The Orcs were by far conquering Elvicon, though; Elvicon wasn’t going to give in that easy. Durnik was still in his state, but fell out of it when he felt uneasy; something in the back of his head was telling him to return home, so he returned home to find that it was being attacked. He was immediately taken with the curse and started slaying everyone he saw, no matter who they were. He then found Growjeng; he walked straight up to him, and said;

“DEATH and LIFE cannot LIVE in UNISON.” then everyone who was near Durnik, dropped to the floor and died. Durnik didn’t realise that his entire army was watching him, in disappointment and in awe. His little moment didn’t last long, once all the Orcs saw that Durnik had defeated Growjeng they all turned and attacked Durnik.  Durnik didn’t mind at all, in fact, it was better for him. He started attacking each one, one-by-one, until no-one was left. Everyone just stared at him, he started looking like a beast, a beast in a human form, he started gaining claws, not like an orc though. These were dragon cross wolf claws. He could not see the change, in fact, he thought that was him. He also started to grow in size. Like a dragon. His legs were beginning to thicken, they were hard, his arms were too becoming like iron. He did not notice that he was also getting scales. He wasn’t becoming a dragon, but a human with attributes of a dragon, not to mention the wolf claws. He had not got wings yet, but somehow he was levitating. He hadn’t noticed it but he didn’t need to walk anywhere. He just floated everywhere.


Everyone stared, he had defeated almost everyone there, ally and enemy alike. He was beginning to shrink, and he started changing back. When he changed back, everyone was angry at him, he was sentenced to death. Durnik then noticed his transformation after he returned to normal.  He was to be killed by stoning. He managed to live for another two days. In those two days he killed as much as he could. He did not want to die without a fight. He could feel the rage. The rage that transformed him. He thought that if he turned back he could escape. So he held in all his anger and rage until he got to the stoning field, then he let it out, he sliced everyone with his new claws, he started to fly out of there, he flew all the way up to the sky with his new wings he seemed to of got all of a sudden. He flew to the forest of the east. It soothed his anger and rage. He then started to pray. He could feel something inside of him easing, and then he flashed into another one of his dreams. He saw a dragon attacking the familiar figure he saw in the white colour earlier. The dragon would then stand back and spray fire on him when the others attack. He also realised that there was another figure; it was the shape he saw in the strange colour. Every time it went near the mysterious figure, the dragon looked like it was dying, it would roar in pain. Durnik also noticed that the figure that was in the white would also hurt everything when the dragon attacked. But, when the dragon wasn’t attacking, it was then the strange figure was with him. Then, the figure walked up to him and said;

“Why do you surrender yourself to rage and anger?” His voice had a certain accent that sounded too familiar, in fact he sounded as if it was the person he talks to in his dreams. “You seem to be confused, why do you ponder about me. I am your father. Az.” Durnik sat there in shock. It was the real Az, he always believed in him. But he always had doubt. Now, he had no doubt at all. “That dragon you see, that is that curse. Why do you let it hurt you, you have authority over it. You just need to fight it. Everyone faces temptation, temptation to lust, temptation to steal…. And; temptation to give in to anger.”

“Then get rid of it!” Durnik replied in anger.

“I do, but you want it back every time. Even now you give in. Anger itself is not bad, but because you are cursed. You cannot control what you do. I remove the curse from you every time it started attacking you. But every time you want it back!”

“But I, I, I don’t want it back. I just wanted to use it.”

“If you abuse the curse, it will abuse you.”

“But, well, umm, did I do all that killing?”


“But I didn’t mean to, it’s just that, well, I got carried away in my anger.”

“That’s why you do not abuse the curse. Or your anger.”

“I’m sorry, I just want-“

“Durnik, you are being over run by orcs. They want power. They are your enemy, but not your enemy that you should be fighting. For it is not the physical world that is your enemy, but the spiritual world. You do not have the weapon to fight the enemy. But you can still defend yourself. Your descendants will have the weapon, but you can still fight, prayer is your best weapon, so give them an ancestor to be proud of and follow.”


Immediately Durnik was full of Joy and Peace. He then looked at Az, and immediately loved him, he could not handle another thing he felt, he had never felt it before.  He was….Loved. Az then removed the curse again.


“Do you want it back?” What! Was that a joke! Az made joke. Durnik was stunned; he never thought Az would have had a sense of humour. “You will always be able to get it back, so be careful. Do not abuse it. I will always be with you.” Durnik could feel himself about to laugh but he held it back. “Don’t hold it back, what do you got to hide, I’ve known you since the start of creation. Laugh son. Be happy, be free. You will then be free from the curse. If this freedom and joy is in you, the curse cannot enter. I love you son, now go!”


Durnik then woke up in a prison cell and was still to be executed. At this time, they discovered that he was the commander. So he was to be held in prison until further notice. He would of much rather of died than wait in prison, especially since he was in for a year. He was then punished by being stripped of his authority and would have to earn his rank again. But first he was told to find new resources, for a better civilisation. Over the deserts of Elvide. To a place called Neresance.

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