Supernaturally Insane

What if your choice to believe, or not to believe, was the only weapon you have. What if, the enemy, cannot be found, though within you it is hidden? What if, maybe, just maybe, the truth is in disguise.


1. Prelude


Ryan’s skull was on the end of his spear, twenty years have passed, and Durnik was beginning to growl in pain, he could not live without blood and death in his hands. He had one chance to escape the curse, but he had refused. He was supposed to be the hero of the elvan village of the south. This was the Rahn; this city was popular for the gold rushes. In 980B.C. it was sieged by the northern Elvan village, Mhasereburun. Some bloodthirsty orc tribe, Orcshine, invaded Mhasereburun, ever since then the people have lived in fear, until an orc stepped up into the royalty of Mhasereburun. He had promised the nation peace, at first no-one believed him, but as time went by everyone forgot about the Orc. His name was Growjeng. Growjeng, though he promised peace, was secretly building an orc army to destroy the Capital of the nation. Elvide, the nation, was torn in half. The East and North were invaded by the Orcs led by Growjeng. Their half of the nation was called Orcshine, in memory of the first tribe that attacked Elvide. The South and West had united two years later, they were eventually one nation. They were then known as Elvicon They had learned to survive without tribute from the Capital over time. And Durnik had found that the Orcs had abandoned the capital for a year, he was afraid though. So he kept quiet.


Though Durnik had missed the chance to free himself from his thirst for blood and death, he was a warrior of the king of light. The king, Az, was the king of the world, his coming was anticipated, especially in Elvide. Though it was never said, they all thought from the battles he fought, that he would be a supernatural hero to Elvicon from the Orcs. That was before the Orcs attacked. Now they doubt, but they hope. Durnik knew, after he walked into a pit of dark magic. He was in Orc country and they were having a sacrifice, and he became cursed with the cure being a hero. Durnik thought it was not that he was helping people that would save him. But he would be given a cure. But he knew he had very little time before the curse would engulf him. He had joined the forces of Elvide so that he could satisfy his pain. But, the more he quenched the thirst for death and blood. The stronger it grew. But he would go to a temple in the middle of Elvicon and on top of a mountain and prayed to Az and he never felt the pain or urge from the curse. He did not understand. But the prophets told him that Az gives a certain spirit that soothes all anger, urges, pain, sin and fills them with love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. Durnik never understood.


“AAAGGGHHHH!” yelled Durnik. He had entered one of his blood seeking rages, these became more frequent and stronger each time. This time was different though. He got up from his bed walked outside and casted a spell and said “HERE is THERE when THERE comes HERE” and he changed his stature to a stiff scared stature and suddenly shook with fear. He saw purple and black lines that moved as if you were seeing a distorted image. Then, in a puff of black and purple with a little colour of darkness, he warped to the capital of the Orcs, Orcshine. He drew a sword out of a black smoke in the shape of a sheath and started randomly attacking orcs. Then a shield appeared on his left arm. All the orcs were trying to stop their threat, but they could not get close to the glowing purple Elvin shape. Every time they tried, they would find a sword through their chests. Durnik stood on top of a hill where he became cornered. He then yelled;


“FIRE and LIGHTNING; FALL into the WORLD where I STAND.” Suddenly, fire fell from the night sky, and burned the ground, while lightning was striking all surviving orcs. He then struck the ground and summoned a beast that flew around him as if it were his slave. He commanded it to attack the North village of Orcshine. It flew to the north and spitted out a dark substance. All of the orcs and buildings were disintegrated. Vanished. Ryan, the orc of the north, came out to see the problem, before Durnik saw him and beheaded him. Then, when he struck Ryan with his spear, he fell unconscious. He woke up, staring into an empty skull. The curse was killing him, and anyone else in his way.

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