Supernaturally Insane

What if your choice to believe, or not to believe, was the only weapon you have. What if, the enemy, cannot be found, though within you it is hidden? What if, maybe, just maybe, the truth is in disguise.


5. Nightmare

The nightmare was a necromancer who lived in the desert. Often he would be seen in someone’s dream, and the next night he would appear to the person asking for the innocent victim to follow him. If the person chose to follow him, out of fear or curiosity, they were never seen again. However, those who refused were either killed, or transformed into wild dogs. People have always wondered what happens to those who follow, some have vowed they would follow and return. However, the nightmare has never appeared these hearts before.

Necromancers have a keen sense for the supernatural. Dabbling in necromancy all day long will have this effect, however, every necromancer, wizard, magician Taoist and even alchemist, know of an Az, and they all fear him, though some have tried to rebel.

Alexander looked at Durnik.

“You look thirsty, come follow me, I will give you aid.” Alexander probably didn’t realise that saying these things with grin, does not give a good message.

“Why should I trust you? A necromancer, and a predator of the weak?” Durnik had a fair reason to be distrustful. Few people practice necromancy out of any supernatural arts, but almost none have been able to resist being themselves possessed. So far, from what has been heard, all necromancer’s say initially they will resist, however none have been known to keep their words. That said, Necromancers themselves often go missing, so it may be possible that Necromancer's have resisted, which brings a lot of fear and doubt about the art of necromancy.

“True, why should you. I shall, return to my house. Follow if you want, you will be their either dead or alive, after all, if you die out here, I will just come and grab you anyway.” Alexander had a reputation for his wit, not because he was smart, but because it was very much manipulation and threat, plaguing on the fear in the mind of a person.

Never the less, Durnik agreed, he would rather take the chance of water than die alone in the desert.

Alexander’s house was very much like a small cathedral. Durnik wondered how many corpses were summoned to build all of it. A sudden thought came to him. Maybe Alexander wasn’t going to kill him, but instead turn him into a monster as well. They walked past all the pews and arrived at a room behind the pulpit, they walked down a corridor, with paintings of wars that have been won and battles that were thought. At first, a few had Alexander in them, more than a few. By the time Durnik had traversed the whole corridor, he realised all these paintings are of Alexander.

They entered a dining room with a large dark brown wooden table. The chairs were made of wood and cushioned with velvet. Alexander sat in the head chair, whilst Durnik moved to a seat next to him.

“I hope you don’t mind, I don’t usually eat meat, so I only have vegetables and bread on the menu tonight.” This gesture of goodwill was unexpected of a Necromancer.

Still stunned by the unbelief, Durnik tried to speak.

“Good! Now, first you must drink some water, then you can join me with some wine.” Alexander then clapped his hands, and in came corpses, unrecognisable with no skin left, carrying plates and bottles of wine and water. He told one of his corpses to go and light the fireplace in the living room.

“Alexander, what do you plan to do with me?” Durnik was afraid still of the Necromancer’s motivation. Alexander was somewhat oblivious to this fact at times.

“We shall discuss your purposes later, have no fear, you will live on from our encounter.” Alexander’s hissing was odd when he had a mouthful of food. Durnik almost let out a small chuckle at the sound. It was obvious Alexander has had no civilised company for a while. He was mostly well mannered while he ate, he just wasn’t a pleasant sight when he spoke and half a broccoli serving falls out back on his plate.

Durnik was hesitant at first, but eventually accepted the hospitality of Alexander, he was less suspicious, but he was still guarded. He ate for another hour, Alexander had finished before him but he allowed Durnik to finish.

“Come, let us retire, to the fireplace, it gets cold out here, I hate the cold” Durnik supposed what he heard was a laugh, though when you hiss when you speak, it does bring an awful confusing sound. Though, nothing this day has made sense for Durnik, so this wasn’t so bad.

“Ok, we’re here, now please, why have you rescued me?” Durnik was getting impatient.

“Well, first, if you have the chance to save someone’s life, why should you ignore this chance? But, you specifically, I need you to help me.”

With this, Durnik had completely lost all sense of reality and fell back over a corpse that was walking behind him.

Durnik quickly stood back up, determined to look fine, when instead he had actually hurt his hand.

“Ok, well, let’s hear it”. Durnik had decided this was a dream, so he decided to play along.

“HA-HA! Splendid! First, let me explain who I am, and why I need your help…” Alexander almost looked happy, Durnik did not know what he had managed to get himself into. He was about to learn that his journey, may be slightly different to what he expected.

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