Supernaturally Insane

What if your choice to believe, or not to believe, was the only weapon you have. What if, the enemy, cannot be found, though within you it is hidden? What if, maybe, just maybe, the truth is in disguise.


4. Ignus

“So the legends are true” Durnik whispers to himself. He looked at the once terrifying creature. The phoenix was known as the legendary Ignus de Forciam of Mt Dolm. Many adventurers quested to defeat the beast, but they never returned. Durnik looked at the sight with shock, if it weren’t for the beginning of the earthquake he would have stayed looking at the bird for hours.

What was this louder flapping though? Durnik began to escape the mountain as quickly as he could. He kept running as fast as he could, the simple tunnel entrance had become a dangerous path. A cave in was always imminent, and he was never far from being crushed by parts of the roof falling. He ran, but just as he began to exit the cave, his heel clipped a falling rock, which sent him flying head first down the side of the mountain.

He rolled down the mountain and eventually found himself bleeding heavily from his forehead, he was feeling slightly dizzy, but he knew he would be ok. At least, the tumble wouldn’t hurt him too much, however what he saw was even more threatening.

Through his blurred vision he saw the terrifying shape. A giant phoenix. It was trying to bring down the mountain. Perhaps it sought revenge for the phoenix he killed? However, Durnik looked closely, this was no phoenix. This was an apparition. This apparition was attempting to hunt this phoenix down it seemed, probably summoned by a warlock over the desert. However, this apparition looked so much like the phoenix that if it weren’t for its ghostly glow, Durnik would have assumed that it was just another phoenix.

Durnik quickly realised, that the phoenix was trying to escape from its imminent death, only to find that another predator awaited inside. He thought to himself about the phoenix, he wondered if the phoenix he killed was after all Ignus. He wondered if perhaps, if this apparition had been terrifying travellers and hunting phoenixes, that maybe this apparition was Ignus.

It made sense. The summoner of the apparition needed to be slain, or else the apparition would continue to reappear. However, those who fought the apparition never survived. Though, when seen at a distance, it appeared as a phoenix. It would explain the apparition’s anonymity, hiding amongst its prey. But why would a warlock be hunting? They are wild creatures in the desert. They harm no-one but invaders.

An idea came to Durnik.

“I wonder if this phoenix was being tamed and escaped, surely a warlock would slay any of their failed attempts to prevent being discovered.” Durnik whispered to himself. “I really should stop talking to myself”.

Just as he finished whispering, the mountain fell, and Ignus screamed with a high-pitch piercing howl. It then flew above the clouds and disappeared into the horizon. As Durnik watched the apparition fly away, he saw it begin to fade, and below the apparition, was a man in a dark hooded robe.

The dark hooded character approached Durnik. He was floating through the air and as he got closer, Durnik felt his heart get sicker each metre. Until eventually, the dark hooded character had reached Durnik.

His voice was cold and dry.

“What brings a harbinger of death out here?”

Durnik took a step back. Immediately he requested the man reveal his name.

“My name is…”, his ‘s’s sounded like a serpent’s hiss, “Alexander, or as you call, the ‘nightmare’.”

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