Supernaturally Insane

What if your choice to believe, or not to believe, was the only weapon you have. What if, the enemy, cannot be found, though within you it is hidden? What if, maybe, just maybe, the truth is in disguise.


3. Flame

The wind was dry, the dust was thick, and the wind was strong. Durnik was wearing out. How could he survive out here in such hard conditions? He tried to find shelter. For three days he searched, but searched in vain. On the fourth day his supplies had worn out. He then found a mountain. It would take half a day to reach, but he had no other choice he needed to get out of the sun, and sleep somewhere warm.


At Elvicon, the Orcs were attacking. This time the armies were equal. It was a fair fight that would have to fully rely on each soldier’s skill. This time the assault was led by Growjeng’s son, Graven. Graven was popular inside Elvicon. He was sometimes referred to as a traitor to Growjeng. So no-one understood until it was too late; Graven wanted revenge!


Durnik made it to the mountain, and found some bird eggs inside a human sized nest. A bit big for a bird, and it smelt like ashes. But he wanted to eat, so he ignored it. He sparked the nest and cooked the eggs in his breast plate which he used as a tray to cook with. But, he had at max; 24 hours before he would die of dehydration. He needed to find water, no time to smell flowers, he had to rest and go out that night for water.


The gentle sea breeze blew against his face; the sun was soft on his skin. It was a perfect day for a time to relax from all the tension, the stress, the danger. He was just him by himself, walking across the coast. He looked at the sunrise across the water, the water rippling across his toes made him feel relaxed. Durnik could have sworn he saw a love swan swimming across the water. The sight he had only seen as a painting. But, this swan had a beautiful blue body that had purple in it; its eyes were a golden sphere in a dark ditch. This swan meant peace after a time of hardship; people say It’s an illusion. He was sure it is real. Then he thought about his home and the swans; which led to him thinking about anger. Instantly the swan disappeared and the words of Az repeated in his head; …But you keep wanting it back…


“ROARRRR!!!!” the sound woke Durnik up from his sleep. What was it? Flap, flap, flap. Was it a dragon? Or was it a bird, maybe to fly way? Rumble, Rumble. The mountain began to shake. It was a volcano! Even worse a phoenix had woken from its sleep. It all came to him at once; he ate his eggs hastily. He must have been mad at him for eating his young. Durnik knew that when a phoenix is on fire; he is dangerous. He could have fought or ran. But he stared at it as it flew into the front of the cave. He would have died if he didn’t feel the heat from the bird’s wings. As it went to peck him he jumped out of the way and tried to get his sheath. But the bird had blocked him away from all of his gear. He started trying to get around him, but every time he would be blocked and he would get frustrated. Each time made him faster and stronger…… And bigger! His head was warning him to be careful with what he is doing. How! This made him worse; he got even more frustrated. And bang! He was the monster again! And again he said “LIFE and DEATH cannot LIVE in UNISON!” And instantly the phoenix died


….But you keep wanting it back…. The words were continuing to echo, over and over again. It tortured him as if he was being crucified. Then there was a huge wind. With the sound of flapping. The sound of the phoenix. But louder. Much louder

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