"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." This quote is what one average teenager lived by. Ashley Deary, a 17 year old girl who loved a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, wants to not be like any other girl in the world. She wants to be herself and that's exactly what she does. But when Ashley and her best friends get VIP concert tickets for her favorite band, her life starts to change. Management noticed that Ashley looked a lot like Ashton's girlfriend Megan. So when Megan leaves on a forced family trip, and she plays a big role on the tour with 5SOS, management needs a replacement. Will Ashley go through with being someone else? Or will she declined the most important decision of her life. Read to find out :)


1. The tabloids

"This just in! Singer Ashton Irwin talking to model Megan Strasser!"

"Band mate Ashton Irwin took Megan Strasser on a date last night!"

"Sad news 5 Seconds of Summer fans! Drum player Ashton Irwin not single anymore! He's said to be dating model, Megan Strasser, and is said to..."

"I'm done with all of these stupid magazines," I said throwing three magazines in the trash. They all had Ashton's and Megan's face plastered all over them. It made me sick. 

"Hey, it could be just fake people trying to get some money," one of my friends, Michelle, said to try and cheer me up. Ashton was my biggest idol ever. He just has such a great personality and when he smiles, he could brighten up anyone's day. I have three best friends that are so amazing that some times I can't even believe that I have them as friends. One such friend is Michelle. Michelle and I were friends since we were babies. She is as follows: dirty blonde, straight hair (when she doesn't have it dyed) with neon blue tips at the end of it, and has a tattoo of 'ordinary' in cursive on her wrist. Another friend is Beth: has blonde hair also (But she doesn't like her hair dyed.) hair is wavy, has her ears pierced, belly button pierced, and a nose stud. Veronica is the third and last of our best friend group. She has the following: black, straight, hair that goes to her shoulders, darker tan body, a tattoo of a bird flying away on her ankle, and a talent of doing funny voices. Finally, me.I have curly brown hair that goes down to my back, dimples like nobody's business, and i'm usually wearing some kind of band shirt. I was currently hanging out with all of the girls talking normal gossip. 

"That's why I hate magazines! Because all the reporters are fake! That's why I hate models too," I said grabbing some popcorn that Beth had. That's another thing, Beth is always eating something even tho she has a beautiful body. 

"Models are not that bad," Veronica reassured. 

"I would never want to be one of those plastic girls," I said turning on my radio I had. She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer came on. We all screeched of happiness and stared dancing. 

"Speaking of the devils!" Michelle said laughing. 

"She looks so perfect standing there

In my American Apparel underwear!

And I know now,

that i'm so down. 

I made a mix-tape straight out of 94'

I got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor 

And I know know,

that i'm so down."

After the song was over with, I turned my radio off.

"I'm so exited that we will get to meet them tomorrow!" Beth said smiling.

"I know right," I said smiling too. About an hour passed and we decided to go to bed. We all wanted to look extra pretty when we go to meet our favorite member. Michelle's favorite is Michael, Beth's favorite is Luke, Veronica's is Calum, and if you don't know all ready, mine is Ashton. All of have different favorites and different tastes and that's why it works. 


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