"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." This quote is what one average teenager lived by. Ashley Deary, a 17 year old girl who loved a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, wants to not be like any other girl in the world. She wants to be herself and that's exactly what she does. But when Ashley and her best friends get VIP concert tickets for her favorite band, her life starts to change. Management noticed that Ashley looked a lot like Ashton's girlfriend Megan. So when Megan leaves on a forced family trip, and she plays a big role on the tour with 5SOS, management needs a replacement. Will Ashley go through with being someone else? Or will she declined the most important decision of her life. Read to find out :)


3. Gentlemen Part 1

~Ashley's POV~

I put my bags by the door of my house thinking of any possible way to get out of this. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer, but I don't love the idea of pretending to be Ashton's girlfriend. I would much rather be his real one, not a model that doesn't even love him. This whole situation just gave me what felt like an endless whole in my stomach that would never go away. The boys were going to pick me and the girls up at our houses with their tour bus in a couple of minutes and I was first. I started to walk around my house and saw all the memories of my childhood. The door-frame where I was measured up until a year and a half year ago, the tea set and doll toys that were in the bin that my mom said that she would put up in the attic but never did, and even my dad's old favorite coffee cup was sitting on the counter. My parents died last summer from a murder attack. These horrible people pretended to be TV repairmen, but ended up coming over and killing the two people I ever really loved. My mom got shot in the head instantly and died in under 30 seconds. My dad however got shot once but when he didn't die, they stabbed him multiple times in the chest. I like to think that he fought back, since he was a very protective person towards the people he loved. That is why I really don't like to pretend to be someone i'm not. The social workers haven't even found out about me being under age yet, and I don't plan on them to. I'm almost 18, so I don't see the point on having anyone to be there for me except my best friends. 


I grabbed my bags and walked out of the lonely, miserable house up to a huge tour bus with four faces plastered on the side. The door slid open and I already saw Michael, Luke, Calum, and Ashton sitting around watching T.V. 

"You guys are such gentlemen, you know that?" I asked sarcastically, giggling as I did. 


Hello :)

Sorry this was so short, but it's a school night and i'm half asleep. This chapter was more based on Ashley's personal life, so it was kinda depressing. BUT I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER! hahaha :D

well stay tuned and i'll update as soon as I can 

Bye! ~ 

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