"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself." This quote is what one average teenager lived by. Ashley Deary, a 17 year old girl who loved a band called 5 Seconds of Summer, wants to not be like any other girl in the world. She wants to be herself and that's exactly what she does. But when Ashley and her best friends get VIP concert tickets for her favorite band, her life starts to change. Management noticed that Ashley looked a lot like Ashton's girlfriend Megan. So when Megan leaves on a forced family trip, and she plays a big role on the tour with 5SOS, management needs a replacement. Will Ashley go through with being someone else? Or will she declined the most important decision of her life. Read to find out :)


5. First Step

After we all got to know a little about each other, more then just each other's names, time seemed to shoot by like a lightening bolt. It's now 11 at night and nobody is tired yet.

"How about a game?" Michael asked looking at everyone.

"Um... Sure... What game?" Veronica answered.

"What about Grand Theft Auto?" He asked again with excitement in his eyes. Everyone else agreed except Ashton and I.

"Are you guys not gonna play?" Calum asked us. We exchanged glances and I looked back at Calum to answer his question.

"Nah, I've never been much of a 'video-game' kind of girl. I'd rather just watch." I replied with a smile. Calum just started laughing an adorable laugh and walked over to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and patted it while his laughing died down.

"You and Ashton already have something in common! Now If we could only get you to act like Megan and not yourself." He said, his laughing coming back. I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed his chest to where he stumbled back and fell on Veronica's lap.

Now it was my turn to laugh.

He looked completely embarrassed and I couldn't help but laugh harder, along with everyone else on the bus as he got off of her.

"Now who's trying to 'get it on' with who!?" I said bringing back the comeback he used earlier in the day.

"Shut up! Shouldn't we be getting ready for the interview?" He said changing the subject.

Everyone agreed that Calum was right. So the next day, about noon, the bus driver stopped at an abandoned railroad station for Ash and I to work on our 'relationship goals'.


"Do we seriously have to do this?" Ashton wondered as if I was a disgusting rodent that he had to have as a pet. We were currently at a table trying to do a pretend interview with Beth as the so called "interviewer"

"Yes! We don't know what kind of questions will be asked, so it's best if we pre-questionify you two. Now where did you two first meet?" Beth countered with a pen and paper. I looked over at Ashton to see because how the hell and I supposed to know where him and Megan met? That's his personal business with his stupid, slutty, no good girlfriend.

"It was on 5 seconds of summer's last tour. She was supposed to do a meet and greet the same time as our performance. We just started talking after that and went on a date after. It just tumbleweeded from there."

His way with words could make any girl swoon. Seriously.

"How long have you two been dating?" Beth, our "interviewer" asked.

"Three months and two weeks." Ashton said with his adorable dimples popping out of his face.

"Oh how cute!" Beth played along.

"I'd say I'm a very lucky girl." I said sarcastically and faked a smile.

"You better be lucky. There is only so much Ashton to go around," he joked which made me burst out with laughter.

"Ok, so the interview seems good as long as Ashton does most of the talking. What about her voice though?" Veronica asked with a sudden worry.

"Just say that you recently ... I don't know..." Calum pondered.

"I am not having a recorded audio of Megan." I stated, seeming to read Calum's mind.

"Oh well, they probably won't ask anything about that." Tracy replied shrugging.

"We will just have to see because the interview is tomorrow and then we have photo signings, then time off to see family." Ashton explained.

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