1. why me

Claire's P.O.V.

My alarm clock goes off at 4 in the morning. I moan in irritation. 'Why the hell is my alarm clock going off at fucking 4 in the morning!' Then I remember it's the first day of high-school. I groan and get out of bed. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. My brown hair is is tangled and messy from the messy bun last night. I stare in the mirror at my bright blue eyes and wonder why there so blue. Like the ocean 'ugh stop thinking about the beach it just brings back painful memories'

I stand up on my bathroom counter and stare at all my flaws. 'Why am I so fat? Why am I so ugly? Why does no one care about me? Why do I have so many disgusting freckles?' With all these things running through my head I grab my razor and start sliding the shiny metal across my wrist. When the tears start to form I stop myself and get ready. When I get dressed and put on my makeup I go downstairs as quietly as I can. I hear nothing but my footsteps on the cold hardwood floor. So I go to the kitchen get my things and run as fast as I can to the door. Right when I'm about to leave someone grabs my arm.

I gasp in surprise. "Were do you think your going you little slut!" My dad yells at me.

"I .... I'm ....... Just going to school." I say stuttering absolutely terrified.

"We'll get your fat ass over here!" He says coming up to me and pulling my hair dragging me to the corner. I scream for him to stop but he starts beating and punching me. I try to get away but he is to strong for me. He beats me until I can barely breath and bleeding all over my body. He gets up and leaves the house and leaves me here alone to die. I try to get up but I'm to weak so I just stay in the corner and cry waiting for the world to go black and silent.


When I woke up everything was a blur. 'Am I dead' then I realize the familiar cent of cigarettes and alcohol. Then I realize I'm still at home in the same corner were I was originally planned to die. 'I have to get out of this jail sack' I try to get enough momentum to get up and it's just enough. I run as fast as I could out of the house and into the street. I run not looking back and try to forget the painful memories that happened at that house. I just keep following the road were ever it takes me at least I'll get away from here. I start getting slower and slower by each minute and start to get light headed. I fall on the ground and the whole world turns black.

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