2. get away from me

There was darkness all around me and I hear my dad's voice mocking me. I try to run from the screams but it only leads to more darkness. I cover my ears trying not to hear him but he is to loud. I start to cry and scream for him to stop. Then suddenly


I wake up gasping for air and crying. A lady in white comes over to me and try's to comfort me.

"It's okay, it's okay now, your okay." She said rubbing my back and hugging me.

When I get a good look at her I realize she's a nurse and I'm at a hospital! 'Why am I here someone please help me!' I try to get up but the lady holds me down and tells me that I can't leave. After a few minutes of trying to escape I just give up.

I hear a knock on the door and the nurse says that someone can come in. I see a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. As soon as I see him I scoot as far as I can from him. "Get away from me!" I yell absolutely terrified. The boy tries to get to me and try's to comfort me.

"It's okay I'm not gonna hurt you." He said with a thick accent and kind eyes.

"No just get away from me!" I yell now crying.

He try's one more time to get close to me. "Stop get away, please" I scream.

He looks at me with hurt eyes and the nurse gets him out of the room. "It's okay sweetie he's gone." She says attempting to comfort me.

I'm still crying and shaking but feel a little better by the nurses kind words.

Niall's P.O.V

As soon as I get in the room it feels like they just push me out. She kept wanting me to get away from her but why? Me and the boys found her yesterday on the road lying selflessly on the cold hard pavement. When we saw her we all thought she was dead. But when we got close to her she was still breathing. So we decided to take her to the hospital. She looked so cute when she was laying on the couch of our tour bus. She was really skinny and petite. If people didn't know any better they'd think she was a child.

"Who is she?" Zayn said.

"I don't know but she's cute." Harry said smirking.

"Ya she's really pretty but why was she just laying on the road?" I questioned out loud.

"I don't know she probably passed out or something for some reason." Liam explained.

Then Louis comes out if the bathroom with his eyes wide. "Did you guys kidnap someone or something!?"

"We found her in the middle of the road unconscious" Zayn explained

"We're taking her to the hospital though." I said.

Louis just nodded and looked at her.

"Well when she wakes up I call dibs on her." Harry said smirking.

"What the fuck Harry!" I yelled


"Never Mind just let's go to the hospital."

Claire's P.O.V

When I finally stop crying the nurse tells me to take off my clothes to examine if there's anything wrong with my body. I slowly take of my clothes and the nurse gasp. She hurriedly runs out of the room. I start to think why she ran out of the room. 'Of course she ran out because of how fat and ugly I am. Why do I always screw things up!' I threw a pillow across the room and looked at my disgusting body in the mirror in front of me. All I'm wearing is my bra and underwear and I see all the scars and fat I have.

When she comes back she has a clipboard in her hand along with some needles and some liquids. She came up to me and started to get the needles ready. She gave me a couple of shots but It didn't really hurt compared to other things. Then she told me to drink some of these gross tasting liquids. Each one had a different purpose the nurse told me. Then the nurse left to go get some food and water.

When she said the word food my stomach growled. "No I can't have food I'll get to fat!" I yelled out loud. Luckily no one heard me. Even if they did they wouldn't care anyways. When the nurse came back she had a plate of chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. She also had a whole jug of water. She handed me the food and I looked at her confused.

"You want me to eat all this?"

"Of course honey you need food in your body. "

"But I'll get to fat if I eat this!"

"Honey please just take a few bites you need it."

"No I don't want to get fat!" I yell getting angry.

"Alright fine but I'll leave the food here incase you change your mind, but at least drink some water your really dehydrated. " she said and left the room.

When she left I just put the food beside me and took a sip of water then that boy who was in here before saw me through the hospital window with wide eyes and turned around and left.

'Of course he left he realized who I really am an ugly fat beast.'

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