The Warrior Within

A young boy destined to be the saviour of this new world. His adventure begins, and along the way, finds what it takes to be a hero, but first, he must realise, that to be a true hero, you need to know, the warrior within.


3. The love of blood

Their bags were packed as they began to depart on their journey. They had all their weaponry and supplies they could carry. They gave a farewell to Yawsa and headed north across the creek. The youth’s journey had begun, little did they know of their futures; let alone what was to come that day.

Their destinies had been set in stone when they encountered one of the beasts that night. It was like a wolf, but without fur. They had scaled skin that looked like rough leather more than scales. Their jaws were slim but stocky. Their teeth were sharp as a sword. Their tails were like a dragons; long and scaly with a point on the end, their feet were like a cows. They trotted along as low as a cat which prowls in the darkness, waiting to pounce on its prey. Their eyes were as dark as the night sky with the absence of the moon, like an eternal dark hole. Their eyes did not reflect the light, they only showed darkness. Their ears looked like a lions ear, covered with brown flesh instead of gold fur.

Jedediah was first to see the beast jump from the darkness of the bushes. The night sky hid all creatures of the night. He was quick and drew his sword hastily, Lija was quick to follow his son’s actions. Lery was frozen with shock, the beast had charged at Srold who seemed to just stand in silence as the beast charged. The beast roared ferociously, it’s power could be felt, the ground even seemed to shake. Yet Srold was standing there, he had his eyes closed now. He had no weapons on him as they decided that he would carry the supplies. Lija too realised what was happening and decided to stay away from the beast and protect his son. Jedediah was hasty and charged at the beast from behind, but the beast was too fast for him and he had tripped in the tremendous speed he had pushed his body for.

Lery broke free from his shock and yelled in warning to his father. But Srold did not listen, he continued to stand right in the middle for the beast to pounce on him. Those few moments seemed to last forever… There was and eerie silence and everything seemed to slow for all of them, except Srold. The beast was about to pounce on him. Everyone turned away to avoid the horror of events that they feared would happen.

The beast then pounced… Then, there was a green explosion which flashed before all their eyes. A beam of colours was shot into the beast. The beast flew through the air and eventually disappeared.

The beast had disappeared. It had disintegrated into oblivion; never to be seen again in this life. The moment went so fast; no-one knew what had happened. Jedediah was thrown to the ground, Lery returned to his state of shock, Lija was recovering from being thrown into the bushes. But Srold had not moved, he had been still the whole time, only moving his hands. What he had done was disguised to everyone else. He had quickly formed and staff from the ‘aura.’ With the staff he shot a beam from the end, when the beam had finished its objective of piercing the beast’s heart and shot off into space, the staff too quickly disintegrated.

Of course this left Jedediah and Lery to process what had just happened; Srold used the ‘aura’ to combat the beast and send it to it’s grave. But Jedediah and Lery had never seen such power and where therefore overwhelmed by the outrageous stunt. Lija saw the puzzled expression on their faces and decided they would setup camp in a nearby cave. They were to arrive at their destination the next day and the kids were to face their biggest challenge they had ever faced.

That night they had discussed the history of the ‘aura’ with merely a few interruptions of an unexpected roar from a beast in the area, the story took them all on an adventure. Lija’s voice for some reason was mystical, he sounded like a man who had ran a marathon, not panting, but quick and without hesitation:

“Jedediah and Lery. We have taught you two about the ’aura’ but we have never told you about any of the history and application. Most of all, we have not yet taught you two ‘bout the way of the ‘aura.’”

Jedediah and Lery were puzzled and disheartened, you see these kids thought they had learnt that was to be learnt, they knew about ‘a power’ and they knew its potential. However, they never believed that they would ever learn how to use or even follow the ways of the ‘aura.’

Their ‘history lesson’ however was again not as they expected. Both were taken to another place with their fathers. As the children opened there eyes after a second or two they saw blue and green, no flowers, just plain grass and a blue sky. There was no sun, but they were still able to see everything as bright as day.

After the two found their sense again they walked towards their fathers who were a little further in front of them. Then Lija turned around and looked at the kids, Srold followed Lija’s actions. Then Lija spoke,

“Jedediah… Lery… You have been told what the ‘Aura’ is, but I say to you, we know nothing about it compared to what there is to know about it. The way of the ‘Aura’ was, is, and always will be as simple as this: Love.”

Jedediah and Lery looked at each other in amusement, after seeing the children’s misunderstanding Srold started to speak,

“Love is not merely something you say, feel or do; but an ultimatum. Through it you can give mercy to the repentant, justice to the intruder, protection for the weak, strength and courage to stand, a pure heart so that you will not fall.”

Lija having seen that the children were still not understanding, he clarified more about the subject,

  “The ‘Aura’ my dear children, is more than just a power, but a spirit, a spirit of which that will guide you, and protect you, and Love you. How then though can a spirit be used as Srold did today?  Well listen closely, the ‘Aura’ will assist you as you wish, however never will it assist in the process of evil for it cannot part take in anything that is not pure. As you kids know, actions are only impure when purpose is behind the action, and during the action. You are pure no matter what you have done because of the ‘Aura,’ the love covers your impurities.”

Srold too spoke after the children began to see what they were explaining,

“Children, it was rumoured long ago that the ‘Aura’ came as a man, a man who was sacrificed, we know why but we shall not tell you as you will not understand so young. But this sacrifice is why the ‘Aura’ today can be used by us.” Srold’s expression was beginning to change to show a powerful anger “There are those who seek to destroy such knowledge, those who do not believe such things do not use the ‘Aura.’ These people use the montuit.”

Both children were shocked at this as they knew what the montuit is. They only thought it was a power only used by the stray. Mue and man aren’t the stray, so how could they use it? Srold again saw confusion in the children again, so he explained:

“Young ones, we have seen the Stray as a race, with a power known as the montuit, but today I say to you, anyone who does not have the ‘Aura’ in them is doomed as the stray will be, for all go to be either part of the ‘Aura’ or will be doomed with the Stray. You see, the Stray isn’t a race, but a name for those who have gone astray. The being that began the stray led a group of mue and men away from the ‘Aura’ and lent them his power. The being’s name was Ser’tonet. He is not from this world as man is, but he is part of this world. The ‘Aura’ is much stronger than him and his powers, but the ‘Aura’ waits until it is time; that time will never be known to us until that time.”

The kids made more sense out of this, but the kids were beginning to be impatient and started to ask if they could master the ‘Aura’ now they know of the ‘history’ of the ‘Aura.’ Lija, always being the more patient of them all saw the children hastiness and responded just like a father.

“You two, you are both so young. You are both children, you have all of your lives ahead of you, why rush your life so quickly? Your destiny, and anyone’s destiny is never so much that you have to rush. To master the ‘Aura’ takes an entire lifetime-“ Lery was quick to interrupt.

“How then does my father able to master the ‘Aura’?” Lery’s childish glee was almost flowing out of his eyes.

“Son, I have not mastered the ‘Aura,’ what I have mastered is that the ‘Aura’ is what works in you to do what is needed, all that you have to do, is go with the flow” Srold was always zealous about obedience, the kids one day too understood why so, but that is for another time. Lija continued after this.

“We can only teach you combat, but one day you both will find the ‘warrior within’ and be able to do what Srold and I can do together combined. Not because you’re any better, simply because each generation always overcomes the next.” Lija then began to look troubled, “kids, I fear our time together is nearly up, your journey in this world is closing. My only regret is that I could not be with you at all times. In this journey, you must walk with the ‘Aura,’ yes even the two of you shall be separated. But know this, all who live in the ‘Aura’ are one in the ‘Aura’ and are never that far apart. We shall only follow where we may, as our destiny and journey does not follow yours.” Lija began to leak a tear as he said this, Srold, being stronger continued in his behalf.

“Children, these islands will become foreign to you, you will not know this village next time you see this place. Lija and I too will begin to fade in your memory. Your journey is long and rough there is no time for us to be with each other as we are now.” Now the children to began to feel upset and uneasy. Before they were always excited about one day going on an adventure, just as every child does, but they were not ready for this.

Lija decided that it was time to teach the kids about combat, their journey was not going to be as peaceful as what would be ideal. Lija knew that their walk was going to be brutal and gory. He knew that they were old enough, otherwise they would have not been chosen for such tasks.  Lija then made a giant flash and returned the children to the cave they were in before. It was getting late, the moon had hid itself, and the sun was still to rise. Lija told the kids to sleep, the children however were not comfortable that they were sleeping somewhere in the middle of all the beasts outside. Lija comforted them and decided to guard them until they were fast asleep. He had plans for the night and so could not guard them all night. Srold was to guard the cave while Lija went off into the wilderness.

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